Wednesday, April 11, 2012

blood sweating horse legend

More recently, the remains of 80 horses unearthed from the tomb of the bottom hole Empire Wudi, who lived over 2000 years old at the time of the Han Dynasty.

The findings were reviving a legend about the horses 'sweat blood' in ancient China, the report cited Hinhua.  

Wudi story about the "Silk Road" and the horses' blood sweating "has become legends in Chinese culture and many people are drawn to the legendary horses that have long since disappeared.

The Wuzhan, a arkelog who took part in the excavations the tomb of Emperor Wudi, said that at the time of grave digging two holes in September 2009, a team they had 40 bone-telulang horse.

Of laboratory results to the fossil, it turns out it was confirmed adult male horse. "Scientists will be hoping to do DNA tests to determine the genes of the horse," said Wuzhan as quoted by People Daily.


Such findings would revive the centuries the Chinese legend about a mysterious blood sweating horses from Central Asia.

"The legend of the horse is long gone, since the Emperor Wudi offered a hefty reward for anyone who can find a mysterious race horses 'sweat blood' which was said to have explored Central Asia, but rarely seen in China," explained Wuzhan.

Today, the horses were Akhal-Teke is identified as one of the descendants of the oldest horse in the world and most unique.In Chinese records, Emperor Wudi wrote that the horse breed. In a poem he wrote about the Akhal-Teke, a "horse heaven."Horses are known to have speed endurance and sweat of blood fluids such as gallops. It is also believed to be the horse ridden by Genghis Khan (1167-1227).

Emperor Wudi is known for having opened the Silk Road, an ancient trade route linking Asia and Europe. Construction of the emperor's tomb began in 139 BC, a year after he was enthroned at the age of 16 years. And it takes time for 53 years to build.

The tomb has more than 400 holes of sacrifice, the tomb of Qin Shihuang over, "First Emperor" of China.


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