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The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman (7 terrorizing ghost ship, the ocean)
the historical record contains many versions of the story turns from the Flying Dutchman. One of the oldest stories about the Dutch sailors who are very ambitious in the conquest of the oceans. In year 1500 - 1600, long before the British have a strong fleet, the Dutch conquerors known as the ocean.  

Mentioned that the captain of the Van Straaten is a painstaking and enterprising captain in the sea and ocean, and are willing to risk everything to become the strongest captain. However, because of greed and arrogance then Van Straaten in the law by nature to live permanently on board without being able to dock to dock! Reportedly a ship named The Flying Dutchman often roamed the Cape of Good Hope in southern Africa. in local myths, ghost ship, Van Straaten can pass on the curse. As a result the fishermen and sailors in course if recommended to change them cross paths with The Flying Dutchman.

Furthermore in 1821 found the first written records about the story of The Flying Dutchman. In one issue of Blackwood's Magazine, published in May that year, on tell me that a Dutch fleet was condemned because it has been against nature. Hendrick van der Decken was captain of the fleet. Forerunner of this curse is the ambition of Hendrick van der Decken to complete the mission discovered the Cape of Good Hope. However, slightly different from the old myth of The Flying Dutchman. Blackwood's Magazine describes more details about the trip the captain.

7 years after the mission is given, Hendrick van der Decken yet also find Cape of Good Hope. Although paea crew was feeling desperate, but because the captain has the explicit nature then no one dared to oppose her wishes. Until one night, Hendrick van der Decken find the location of the Cape of Good Hope with a telescope. But to reach it he must pass through a storm front facing. annoyance forced Hendrick van der Decken swore in a blocking high winds.
Not long after that a small boat ran into the ship Hendrick Van der Decken, and fishermen in small boats to commemorate the captain did not go on that night. Rather than comply, or at least respect the advice of the fishermen, Hendrick van der Decken swore that even back he preferred condemned to sail forever until the Day of Judgement comes from having to budge from nature. Immediately, also, the rigors of business Hendrick van der Decken, but she and her crew never found the dock to dock.  

Some other stories said Hendrick van der Decken was condemned and not even he could almost anchored. But unfortunately all their crews exposed to bubonic plague so they are not allowed to dock for fear of transmitting the disease in the population of the city. Because it does not get help, along with the captain eluruh crew were killed in the middle of the ocean voyage.
Pain makes them a curious spirit that continues across the sea with his ghost ship. Other versions of records that occur in the sadistic murder of Hendrick van der Decken ship that took the lives of all its inhabitants!


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