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Mystery of Human Ability To Fly

Humans can fly? human desire to fly like a bird in the sky had become the desire of thousands or even millions of years ago. In various manuscripts, inscriptions and mythologies of the past literature also revealed obvious human desire to fly.In the modern world in which man has devised a method / tool to flying using aircraft to fly even with the spacecraft, humans still have a dream to be able to fly alone without the help of air transportation.  

The ability to fly a human being is not limited in any mythology. It happened in the lives of mankind since time immemorial, although only a form of myth or legend that we hear from generation to generation. Around the world, since time immemorial to the present, you may have heard stories about people who can really fly. The story of the oldest and most detailed descriptions come from the ancient Vedic tadisi, which was hovering and flying is one skill that can be developed by humans.

 in ancient European history, the ability of levitation (flying / floating) is owned by 200 people holy, and is commonly referred to as a miracle in the Roman Catholic tradition. Not only that in medieval Europe is known the existence of certain human abilities which has magical powers capable of flying with a broom. In their tale is known by the old witch with a broomstick. 

St. Joseph of Cupertino, a saint from Italy in the 17th century is one example of a trusted human being has the ability to fly. Based on reports of more than one hundred flights without any means of transport officially recorded during his lifetime. St. Joseph will fly high into the air, circling the church ceiling and floated in the air, sometimes for fifteen minutes, sometimes for two hours, and many people who witnessed it. With the abundance of this report clearly proves that the possibility of human to fly very possible. 

A Greek philosopher, Saint Apollonius of Tyana had traveled to India, where he found that the Brahmins (Hindu priests) have the ability to fly or rather floating in the air"The Bramana it could float up to almost one meter above the ground."Of course, some scientists and historians say that the story was purely a delusion and could be a lie. On the basis of mistrust is a writer who came from England who loves the culture and the eastern world filsofi Ernest Wood, trying to come to India and found the same evidence, he reports pour in writing. 

"I remember on one occasion when a yogi (yoga expert) parents were floating in the air in the supine posture of about 1.8 meters in the open air, about half an hour, while the newcomers are welcome to pass the handle on the distance between the land and the people are ... Floating or build up the body from the ground and float a few feet in the air above the seat or sofa is ... a fact which is universally accepted in India. " 

From this it can be concluded that the human ability to fly that perhaps, one of them by learning the techniques of Yoga. But whether it can make people learn Yoga can fly? How a man can float or fly through the air against the law of gravity? Flying Yoga or the so-called yogic flying to see all the human potential in a new, expanded thinking about what can be achieved by a man, look with a new style on the relationship between the human mind and the universe. Yoga is the main lesson is to align body and mind into a unified whole. The unification of mind and body could produce abilities beyond reason, one of which is flying. In the next category is the union between mind, body and environment. When a Yogi has been able to concentrate all three he will be able to do things that sometimes do not make sense. 

An understanding of the ancient Vedic carried by Maharishi has brought enlightenment to the universal way of identifying this section as part of an infinite pure awareness. Since humans have a basic awareness and resources from the most basic law of nature is the human mind can be open at all levels from nature and from which all can work. With the functioning of the most basic level, we may order a total potential of nature to us. We can achieve the knowledge to know everything, do everything and solve everything. All things are possible. Our potential is unlimited. 

Transcendental Meditation technique allows us to open our minds to calm down and feel the consciousness of pure, all natural laws, in our own consciousness. Yogic Flying is a fraction of the program, allowing our minds to think and react in the most basic laws of nature are. 

Because it is Yogic Flying is not defy the laws of gravity or the laws of any nature. It allows us to access and turn on the total potential of natural law who lives in us, opening our store of energy and intelligence to all possibilities and complete the activities of our daily lives. 

In the European tradition, the human ability to fly is the scope of science that is still unsolved, while in the eastern tradition, the ability to fly is a mystical ability that is often practiced daily by the Yogis in India and is part of the ritual and tradition. Then, when people will learn it as a science that could someday be developed for the benefit of human life?

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  1. I think life would be better if we could learn to tap into the calm naturalness of nature and learn to fly with the information we learn


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