Mystery Memory Stick Remover in Egypt

Saturday, March 2, 2013.
There is a wand that can eliminate the memory stick in egypt is used to eliminate the memory of those that will be made mummies

A memory busting tool used during embalming mummies of ancient Egypt. This is evidenced for some researchers while researching a female mummy thought was 40 years old at the time 2400 years ago.

Genesis invention busting memories reported by the already for the second time. Previous researchers have found a mummy similar tool, embedded in the body of a mummy.

The researchers were surprised to discover an object like wood along the 3-inch (8cm) that sits at the head of the mummy of a woman's skull. According to experts Botany, these tools are made from plants Monocotyledon the wood of coconut trees and bamboo plants.

"Almost certainly this is a tool excerebration (removal of memory) used in mummification proseses." Said study leader Dr. Mislav Čavka of University Hospital Dubrava, Zagreb Croatia.

Dr. Čavka suspect the workings of this tool is to put it in and then put the mummified body fluids and mummy back from the nose, so that some of the [brain] will be wrapped around the stick. But unfortunate for this one, the device stuck in the skull mummy.

The researchers compared their findings with ancient writings on the brain removal tool created by the Greek writer Herodotus in the fifth century BC that has been translated by AD Godley of Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1920, through the Perseus Digital Library.

The sound of his writings

"Having agreed price, carrier mummies go, and workers, were left alone in their place of work embalm mummies body. If they do this in the most perfect, they first pull out the part of the brain through the nostrils with an iron hook, and inject a specific drug to another. '

In the Egyptian museum, there may still be other evidence about memory recall busting tool, but the tool is not found in the mummy's skull like this woman. Mummy, now kept in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb Croatia.

Mystery Moguicheng, City of Satan in China

Friday, March 1, 2013.
In China, there is a town called Xinjian. In this city, there is a neglected area called "Moguicheng" or city of the devil (Devils' Town). There are some castles / mysterious old castle.

People - locals call it Moguicheng which means the city of Satan. Moguicheng, which is a desert located in the Xinjiang province of China. This area is an area that is dormant, no single person who lives here.

Called the devil town because the town is a mystery. If we walk on a sunny day towards the castle - the castle accompanied by the breeze, then we will hear the strains of melody that resembles a tinkling bell or strings - guitar strings are plucked gently.


But when the storm came, sand flying the sky instantly darkened. Strains of melody that will turn into a tiger's roar, the baby cries, the sound of animals being slaughtered, dying screams of women and in the end all will be changed to a shout, cry, and rage.

To date, this phenomenon remains a mystery.

Under Giant Pyramid Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Apparently there is a huge pyramid under the Bermuda triangle right this pyramid is actually what and who makes it?

Not long ago, some American scientists, France and other countries at the time of the survey in the area of ​​the seabed of the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean, discovered a pyramid standing upright on the sea floor that was never known, under the tempestuous waves!

When it comes to size, the pyramid is larger in scale than the pyramids of ancient Egypt in the land. At the top of the pyramid there are two very large holes, sea water at high speed through the second hole, and therefore the raging waves roll up to form a giant vortex that makes the waters around this cause powerful waves surge and mist on the sea surface. This new discovery makes scientists wonder.

How did people used to build the pyramids and towing live with the thundering sea surge? There are some who argue that Western scientists pyramid on the seabed may be initially made on the mainland, then an earthquake, and sink to the bottom of the sea along with changes on the ground. Other scientists argue that some hundred years ago the waters of the Bermuda Triangle area may have as one of the nation's cornerstone activity of Atlantis, and the Pyramids on the ocean floor may be a supply warehouse them.

There is also a suspicion that the pyramid may be a special holy land protected by the Atlantis in places that have a kind of power and energy characteristics , he (Pyramid) can attract and collect cosmic rays, magnetic energy or wave energy that has not been and structure on the inside is probably the microwave resonance, which has the effect of an object and gather other energy sources.

Is this true? Master Li Hongzhi in Zhuan Falun has an explanation following the discovery of a prehistoric civilization;

"On earth there are continents of Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Oceania, Africa and the continent of Antarctica, which scientists in general geology called 'continental plates'. Since the formation of the continental shelves until now, there have been tens of millions of years of history. It can be said, too, that much land from the sea floor that rises to the top, there are also a lot of land that sinks to the bottom of the sea, since the condition is stable up to the present, already historic tens of millions of years.

But in many parts of the seabed, has discovered a number of large high buildings with exquisite carvings, and not from modern humanity's cultural heritage, so it's definitely building that had been made before he sank to the ocean floor. "In light of this, the mystery of the origin of Pyramid seabed can already be solved.

Mystery of Human Life in the Underground

Wednesday, February 27, 2013.
Mystery of Human Life in the Underground_Legend says there is life in the basement, and the entrance is located at the north pole. Legend has it appeared since the time of Plato, who believes that in a world full of tunnels and holes. Is the legend true?

Thought of the holes in the ground are very popular among the authors of "science fiction". Even some authors point estimate calculations and experiments to prove the planet, has a hole in it. Then if the "science fiction" is true?

Doctor of Geology and Mineral Sciences of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Mark Sadikov said, people will not be able to enter into the bowels of the earth, because there is no hole in the North Pole. The area to the north is a sea zone, and there is a trough in some parts.

Officials of research in the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Maria Gavrilo also said, never get a hole in the north while doing research in the region. In fact, the polar region itself is an ice-covered ocean in full.

In the 21st century, the possibility of the hole was investigated. Experts who support the theory that magnetism of the earth pit different as indicated. They also refer to the aurora which is a gas light that appears at the poles.

Proponents of the theory is called, the compass always freak out when approaching the poles. Many researchers also mention the warm winds often blow from the north pole are likely to come from a big hole there.

Maria Gavrilo argue against the magnetic field. He called the magnetic field at the north pole and south keep moving widespread. Research shows that the two poles are both unstable and move actively.

While the appearance of the aurora polaris is a unique phenomenon produced by the atoms in the upper atmosphere. Aurora was berbetuk oval zone on the pole.

Astronauts from space to observe the earth on the moon glowed like a halo. However, the light from the earth it could only be seen at the poles. Aurora polaris can be very large due to the influence of radio signal interference.

Researchers say, is something normal compass became uncontrollable when approaching the poles. It was, for a very strong magnetic field near the poles and the appointment of an erratic compass is an attempt to point to a specific direction.

The majority of the idea of ​​a hole in the earth much more based on assumptions rather than scientific data. According to the study, the hole may exist only karst caves. Life on the earth is also not possible, because not enough room under the earth's surface.

Both the pressure and the temperature rose dramatically at a certain depth. When the mine is deeper than one kilometer in Africa, where it should come because the room temperature control becomes very hot.


Proponents claimed the hole in the earth, the planet should have a greater weight if there is no hole. But Maria Gavrilo says, when calculating the weight of the earth must be based on the mass that is not stationary but moving. If fact it is ignored, then the calculation by the researchers will get the wrong results.

This hollow earth theory of the planet will continue to be a mystery. Because until now, a layer of earth called the lithosphere is still a mystery, and no one knows what is in the deeper layers of the layer.

Underground Fire On Fire Signs Start Global Disaster?

Sunday, February 3, 2013.
Start Global Disaster_Around the world there are thousands of underground fires are being lit. Fire underground not only remove carbon dioxide as a result of combustion that makes the weather is getting warmer, but it also releases toxic gases, thus forming an environmental disaster

Geologists explain, if people did not try to prevent it, the underground fire can cause injury and death. However, the level of difficulty to extinguish the underground fire is very high, often after one point the fire was extinguished, the fire will recur elsewhere.

In addition to the South Pole, under the surface of every continent there is a large underground coal fire. Land Surface Mining Agency of the U.S. Department of the Interior, a few days ago issued a report stating that, in 9 U.S. states there are over 100 underground embers point, but geologists say, there are many hot spots that have not been reported. Therefore the number of actual underground railway is much more than that number.

According to the magazine, the U.S., the 21 states of the U.S. there are more than 200 points coals, and most of these coals have burned for years. Of the 36 points embers contained underground in Pennsylvania, including the embers of the famous underground most dangerous in the U.S..

Poisonous gas that is released underground fire burned for 48 years, making Centralia Township residents suffering from various diseases. In the era of 1980 - 1990's the federal government was forced to take the hard way to force the residents to move to another place, and now the city has become a ghost town.

Geologists from the University of Alaska Annuma Pracas, once described a map of the location of underground fires and called it "a global catastrophe that has no geographic boundaries." If people are not able to treat it with care, then fires it will make people pay dearly.


Near coal mines in Dhanbad Jharkhand Jhairia, India, there are 68 fires burning underground. Toxic gases are released from burning in residential areas spread around. Pracas explained, if a person lived for 24 hours in the area would have mucus-containing granules of coal in it. Environment at this place is even more alarming than anywhere else.


Level of difficulty to extinguish the underground fire is very high, as the difficulty of playing the game hit the rat. The experts explained, "When you successfully extinguish the fire at one point, the fire will appear in another place which is 300 feet away."

Fire fighting methods used by the unit of FMD including dredge coal seams were burned in the fire and break the contact point with the surrounding areas.Sometimes PMK also include low-temperature fluid into the coal seam, to absorb heat so that combustion can be stopped. However, large-scale coal mines in scope reaches a radius of several kilometers, the thickness of the coal seam reaches 27-30 meters, which has a lot of holes like a wasp nest. This indicates that the underground fire will come back on, and the cost to extinguish the underground fire is very high. The U.S. has disbursed funds in excess of 1 billion U.S. dollars to mitigate them.


Taking into account the pollution caused by the underground railway is also very difficult, because it has a lot of embers vents, and remove carbon dioxide, methane, mercury, and more than 40 kinds of other toxic gases and granular particles.

Geologists from the Institute of East Georgia, Glenn, estimates that the worldwide coals annually emit about 40 tons of mercury into our atmosphere, and emissions of carbon dioxide that is released reaches 3% of emissions worldwide. Gas is very influential on the world's climate change heats up and also to the health of mankind.

El Chupacabra Mystery, bloodsucking Dogs

Saturday, February 2, 2013.
El Chupacabra Mystery, bloodsucking Dogs_Some researchers are investigating UFO sightings in Puerto Rico in the early 1990s, receiving reports from local residents about the bizarre creatures that often resemble a dog attack and suck the blood of livestock. Precisely in March 1995 stated that eight sheep were found dead with three stab wounds to the chest respectively. Not only that, all the animals were also found in the blood that has been depleted conditions. 
In 1975, in fact also been reported any kind of livestock killings in the small town of Moca. Killer creature called El Vampiro de Moca. Vampire of Moca. 
The killings of the animals was initially suspected by Satanists. But the killings continue to occur throughout Puerto rico and spread to the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Panama, the United States to Mexico. This suggests that the culprit is not Satanists. 

Chupacabra term first used by a comedian named Silverio Perez Puerto Rico. It refers to the Spanish word meaning Chupar suck and cabra which means goat. The name came because the cattle were killed and their blood sucked most of the goats. 
In July 2004, a rancher in San Antonio, Texas reported the existence of beings like dogs that attack livestock. He called the killer "Elmendorf creature". However, DNA analysis by the University of California concluded that the animal was a coyote (wild dogs) with severe ringworm disease. 
In Coleman, Texas, a farmer named Reggie Lagow saw an animal attacking livestock, and he said that the animal resembles a mix between a hairless dog, rat, and kangaroo. 
In April 2006, MosNews reported that the chupacabra was spotted in Russia for the first time. The report mentions the strange creatures that attack livestock and suck their blood. Subsequent reports also came from a neighboring village who said that 30 sheep were killed and the blood was dry. 

Mid-August 2006, Michelle O'Donnell of Maine, the United States reported the existence of a creature that "look evil" shaped like a rodent with fangs found dead on the roadside. However, animal carcasses are eaten by vultures before it could be identified by experts. 
In May 2007, several reports in the national newspapers Columbia mentions the existence of more than 300 sheep were killed in the area Boyoca. The possibility of the Chupacabra. 
August 2007, Phylis Canion found three carcasses of creatures in Cuero, Texas. He took pictures and then cut the head off one of them and store them in the fridge to be submitted to a laboratory for DNA analysis. A Mammolog named John Young estimated that the carcasses came from a gray fox that suffered severe Ringworm

Exorcist, Mystical Ritual To Expel Evil Spirit

Friday, October 19, 2012.
Exorcism or Exorcist is a practice to cast out demons or spirits (spirit) other evil person or a place that believed were possessed by demons. This practice is quite old and be a part of the belief system (religion) in different countries.


The person performing the exorcism, known as exorcists, often is a priest or someone who is believed to have the power or ability. Exorcist may use prayers and other religious things, like a mantra, gestures, symbols, pictures / statues of saints, amulets, and others. The exorcist often solicits the help of God, Jesus and / or several other angels and archangels to intervene in the exorcism.


In general, people who are possessed by demons are not regarded as evil itself, as well as in no way responsible for the actions of the man himself. Therefore, the perpetrators regard exorcism as more of a cure than a punishment. Common rituals of this usually notice these elements, ensuring that there will be no violence against the person who possessed it. If there is a potential for violence, the person who possessed it was usually just put down and tied.


Well here are some photos photo Exorcist ritual to ward off evil spirits that exist in a person's body.


Participants willing his body covered with dust and mud, and fire, it is not a form of conventional religious or spiritual ceremonies. But the events of the stretcher is a part of the tradition of exorcism 20 years, led by the mystery 'Brother Hermes', which claims the ritual to ward off evil spirits.
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