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Two victims of the Titanic found alive because time tunnel

Two victims of the Titanic found alive because time tunnel - Clarification

Since 2008, the outstanding story of the discovery of two Titanic survivors including the captain after 79 years passed. Both victims are called not aged at all and this story is considered as proving that the alley Time really exist. Is it true that this story never happened? 

I think many of you have never heard of it because when I was looking for references about this story, I found the exact same story with the exact same sentence in God knows how many blog, website, facebook link and almost all the forums.To refresh your memory, I will show the back story, this time I will copy pastenya from the source in question. But, I'll list the source along with linkback to the web is concerned: 

Two of the victims of the Titanic disaster in 1912, suddenly appears in a state of alive. Physically, they do not change exactly as before. The theory of the hall has been answered. Mystery of the events that occurred several years ago, and that caused a stir is the reappearance of luck Naval Titanic victims are still alive.In between these two victims of the lucky ones, that one was a female passenger who was found in 1990, and another was a captain of the Titanic found in 1991.

Captain Smith's vessel was found on August 9, 1991, a year after the lucky discovery of a victim named Wenny Kathe, she was rescued from the top of the iceberg.Over the decades drift adrift on a sea, but did not make it look old and weak, though Captain Smith had been 139 years old, but still looks like a man aged 60 years, and even he still thinks that it is times around the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912. Through fingerprint identification records are still stored in the sea voyage, then it could be ascertained the identity of Captain Smith. 

Another victim of the Titanic disaster, Wenny Kathe rescued 29-year-old lump of ice over the North Atlantic Ocean on September 24, 1990. But what makes people shocked is since he disappeared in 1912 until now, no sign of a bit too old. He was found and rescued over the lump of ice 363 miles southwest of Iceland. Shipping office has found a list of Titanic passengers and confirmed the authenticity of his identity. Smith, captain of the Titanic and its passengers Wenny Kathe missing persons are living proof that recur over time path trajectory. ( 

When reading this story, some of you will soon believe that this story was a mere hoax. I am too. Now, I need to do is prove it. And I also gained an investigation begins.Everything starts from a question. If indeed this is a true story, why I never heard it discussed on television or newspapers? Why I never saw Captain Smith or Wenny Kathe appeared on TV and talk about their experiences? Is it possible I am a nerd and rarely watch TV? 

So I opened google and typed the word Wenny Kathe, trying to find this story on the Discovery or National Geographic, or at least in one other foreign media. When I typed the name, google search found 3510 results. Oh My God, this must be a real story!But wait ... there are odd. All search results that emerges is the story of the Indonesian language. I clicked the search results until the last page of google and found only two English-language blogs and a Malay-language blog (can be Malaysia or Brunei) which discusses this story. I do not find this story covered on the Discovery or any other foreign media. There Is Something Wrong! 
After I checked two English-language blog, it appeared that one of them made by the people of Indonesia. That leaves one more blog named who posted this story in February 2007. And I believe this is the FIRST TIME blog contains stories on the internet. Malay-speaking blogs which also includes the story is named There is no description of the date or month he posted this story. 

As I've said, I found this story with Indonesian language sentence exactly the same all over the blogs and the web that I can find on google, and almost all the blogs that copy and paste this story does not mention the source. So, at first I had difficulty finding the first source of this story (in the Indonesian media).But eventually I found and I believe (although I'm also not strong evidence) that the web who first popularized this story in Indonesia is who post them on June 7, 2008. Maybe translated from or blog 
Then I became pursue further investigation.First, I read this story and try to understand it. Then, I found some discrepancies or inaccuracies that I think is quite disturbing.For example, Captain Smith should be 141 years old in 1991, not 139 years old. Then Captain Smith stated that the identity is verified by fingerprint records stored in the shipping records. I doubt that the year 1912, shipping records have been using fingerprints to record the crew. 

Then in the second paragraph, states that Wenny Kathe rescued from an iceberg, whereas in the fourth paragraph states that Wenny rescued from the lump of ice. Mount the iceberg of course different.Then, perhaps most disturbing is the contradiction sentence in the story.The story above is associated with the passage of time since the phenomenon is called:"Captain Smith, though it has been 139 years old, but still looks like a man aged 60 years, and even he still thinks that the time was the period surrounding the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912" 

But the theory of the hall itself was broken by the sentence which reads:"Over the decades drift adrift on a sea, but did not make it look old and weak."If Captain Smith adrift at sea for decades, whether it has to do with the passage of time? I do not think so. If he entered the hall, then it only takes a moment to get to the year 1991. 
Yes, I am increasingly convinced that this story is a hoax. But, as I often say. A story can not be called a hoax without strong evidence.
Some say that to know the truth of an event, we must be located directly at the scene. But, I do not think so. I do not need to exist in Haiti to know that the big quake there a few days ago. To find out the truth of an event, we just need to find evidence based on "common sense" could be called evidence. And I think, the internet can be one of the ingredients. 

Ok, now I will continue the investigation to find more convincing evidence.As I said, there is something wrong. Wenny Kathe name can not be found anywhere on the web in English in addition to two blogs that I alluded to earlier. So I decided to focus on this name. Furthermore, he was our main character right?But how? Is not this name is not found in the sources of the foreign media?Therefore, I decided to go look for this name in its proper place, namely on the passenger list of the sunken Titanic. Yes, on the internet, such as a list of names is very hard to find. So, I went into and ...... Eureka! 

What I mean by Eureka is I FIND that the name Wenny Kathe NOT exist in the Titanic's passenger list. Wenny Kathe was a fictional character.Because it cuts the sentence above about Wenny Kathe which reads: "Office of the voyage have found a list of Titanic passengers and confirmed the authenticity of his identity." is a false statement! It is a fact! 

Problem captain Smith, we all know that he is not tokof fictitious. Captain Edward John Smith was the captain of the Titanic.Now, I've got one fact. Because the name Wenny Kathe is a fictional character, I can no longer use that keyword in google. Then, I experimented with a few keywords and I finally found a clue that might be conclusive evidence and arguments to convince you that this story was a hoax.The instructions that I mean the source of this story first appeared in English. 
Yes, I was wrong.I was wrong because it was not the first time contain this story. First source is the Weekly World News Magazine June 1992 Issue!I found this magazine in the archive google books. This is the cover of the magazine's June 1992 issue..

I know, you do not like the magazine cover that sounded like a "freak", this magazine is a magazine that often contain semi-fictional news imaginative. For example in one edition, the magazine had published a photograph of a sea monster that is attacking a boat. In this article, the incidence and the picture was called a true story.

This example of an article in the June 1992 issue.

Amazing right?Then this page describing the story of our Titanic.

With the integrity of the magazine like this, Can we mention that this story is a hoax?Of course not! This magazine also contains real news. But I found a another clue. The instructions that I mean the woman in the photo below left it. Read the name below it.

Women who survived the Titanic called on the magazine was named Winnie Coutts, not Wenny Kathe. No wonder I could not find a name Wenny Kathe in the English media. So, the next fact that we know is that the media Indonesia following the error.I am getting excited.Now, my eyes fixed on the name of Winnie Coutts. I re-open google and type in the name of Winnie Coutts and Eureka!What I mean by Eureka is I FIND that Winnie Coutts was one of Titanic's passengers!I then returned to the to see the Titanic's passenger list and I found the name of Winnie Coutts do exist in the list of third class passengers. You can even see the ticket price he paid in this picture.

If Winnie Coutts Titanic passenger's true, maybe the Weekly World News .... do not lie? This meets the head of my mind for a while.But suddenly, I get a hunch. If my guess is correct, then this guide can be conclusive proof that I was looking for. I immediately returned to the guess was right! I FIND it turns out that Winnie Coutts CONGRATULATIONS from the Titanic disaster. After the tragedy, he and his family moved to New Jersey until his death on 29 February 1960 at the age of 84 years. Meanwhile, captain Smith, as we all know, was killed in the incident. 

Weekly World News has turned out to profiteer name Winnie Coutts to create a fictional story! There is no discovery of Captain Smith or Winnie Coutts (or Wenny Kathe) in 1990 and 1991.If the Weekly World News used the name Titanic passengers are missing, then there might be elements that can be debated. But by using the name survivors, as if the magazine would like to let us bring this story is just a hoax.

CoverI threw the body into the bed. It seems I have found evidence that is strong enough to convince you, dear readers, that the story of Titanic's passengers and Lorong Time is really just an imagination. Tired. But, curiosity about some details are still hanging in my mind. I walked to the table and open my laptop back and ... Ah, already tired. besides, I think the evidence that I propose is quite convincing. So I closed the laptop and then lay down in bed and closed his eyes. It was a relief.


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  2. I just don't understand how come there are always some people wanna believe those "bullshit", for me, that Stupid Magazine can "survive" for so many yrs was a miracle and just shows us how stupid human beings can be.

  3. This crap is a hoax

  4. thank you for sharing all your hard work of researching and collecting evidence. It's very interesting. I too read of this hoax story in vietnamese version and wondering about it. Now i got my answer thanks so much.


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  7. hahahaha thats hoax LOL... really ridicullus many people believe that...

  8. The people that read this birdcage lining material are the same ones who voted for george bush II and mitt romney when earch of hem ran for U.S. President. There are always idiots in this life. The true believers of liars and complete nonsense.

  9. Great work on the hoax. It's a fascinating story. It's also amazing that some people will harp about others being "stupid" when they themselves can't tell the difference between a "Fact or Fiction" blog and a political blog.

  10. Thanks for all the hard work! :)


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