Monday, April 9, 2012

near-death Experience processes and characteristics

NDE (Near Death Experience) often occurs in some people who are dying. What really happened at the time of suspended animation? Or just any chemical changes in the brain and sensory organs before death?

Average torpor have certain common characteristics, but there also have different patterns. There are some common traits when one is near death, namely: 

1. Feelings of tranquility, the feeling is likely to include peace, acceptance of death, emotional and enjoy physical . 

2. Pure intensity of light that is not painful, sometimes the intensity of this light filled the room but there is also someone just to see the light coming from heaven or God. 

3. Out of body experience (out-of-body experience / OBE), the feeling has left his body and could see a doctor who worked for him. 

4. Natural or enter another dimension, this usually depends on the beliefs and experiences. 

5. Walking in the tunnel, many people are dead faint finds himself in a tunnel with light at the end and met other spirit beings. 

6. Can communicate with spirits, before the end of suspended animation and more people are reported to communicate with other spirits and ordered to return to his body. 
Theory that describes torpor is divided into two basic categories, namely scientific explanation (medical, physiological and psychological) and supernatural explanations (spiritual and religious). 

A supernatural person who is actually near death experience and remember things that happened with awareness but without a body. 

When a person is near death, his soul leaves the body and begin to feel things that usually can not be felt. The soul goes through the border between the living world and the afterlife, usually represented by a tunnel with light at the end. 

Scientifically of suspended animation process is very complex, subjective and emotional. The mechanisms behind some of this experience is how the brain processes sensory information. 

What someone saw around him is just the sum of all the sensory information received by the brain at any given moment. If someone thought of something when his senses are not functioning properly, then the brain will receive incorrect information. 

This is probably caused by drugs or some form of trauma that causes the person's brain shut down. Some experts theorize that a nervous breakdown or overload of information sent to the visual cortex of the brain, creating a bright light that gradually become larger. The brain may interpret this as a move in the dark tunnel. 

During the near-death experience, the body vulnerable to damage because the brain interprets the information is wrong. The combination of the effects of trauma and lack of oxygen in the brain led to the experience of flying into space and look at your own body. Peaceful sensation that is felt is triggered by rising levels of endorphins produced by the brain during trauma. 

One of sensory input it receives, coupled with a lack of oxygen and endrofin will create a realistic experience of surrealism though. In addition to closing the neurotransmitters in the brain will create a beautiful illusion for everyone who is close to death.


  1. It is not just anything that a near death experiencer sees while out of body. It is the surroundings of where they are at. This experience can not be explained medically or scientifically. It can only be explain spiritually. There is research proving that NDEs are real spiritual experiences.

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