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Legend of Mothman

Legend of Mothman

Mothman? What is the Mothman? More precisely me explain this mystery Mothman Prophecies. Not many people know the word, a book written by John Keel, a man who believes as well as fanatical about smelling things extraterrestrial and a film produced in 2002 was adapted from the book. Who is the Mothman? Do not imagine that the Mothman is the movie the main character played by Hollywood handsome figure for a moment you imagine you will be disappointed when she saw the Mothman display is not a crime fighter like Batman or Spiderman costume that looks cool with them. Mothman is a creature believed to predict the occurrence of a disaster, have a body like men and winged, about 7 feet tall or more than 2 feet, its body is gray-black, with red eyes large and lustrous, strangely sebagian reports describe the Mothman without a head, so that the eye red is located in the chest.


Mothman first appeared on November 12, 1966 in West Virginia. Five people were in the local cemetery at that time to prepare a grave. When "something" brown eyes they're moving up in the trees and flew over them. Those people were confused because "something" it does not look like a bird, but more like humans with wings. A few days later a mass sightings began to occur shook the whole area of ​​West Virginia.One of the most famous appearance is the appearance of 15 November, to the point of this story under a statue carved Mothman in Point Pleasant.

The afternoon of November 15, a pair of newlyweds pass a TNT factory which had long been vacant near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. They saw two large eyes attached to something that is tangible human being, but larger, about 6 or 7 feet. And the creature had wings that folded behind his back. When the creature walked to the door of the factory, they panicked and sped away. Moments later they saw the same creature on the hill near the road, he climbed into the air and followed their car that raced at speeds of 100 miles per hour up to the border town of Point Pleasant.There are at least 100 people who reported Mothman sightings between November 1966 and November 1967 in the range of their story, claiming there Mothman kill his dog, when the night he saw a winged creature near his home until his dog howled long, but he did not dare to come out. There also are seen circling above the TNT plant without wings open alias glide like an airplane wing; heard a loud scream along with sightings of the Mothman in the air; etc.

Mothman Prophecies or predictions of the most shook the entire United States is the Silver Bridge collapse. Overview of the Silver Bridge, this bridge is a suspension bridge that was built in 1928. This bridge connects between Point Pleasant, West Virginia with Kanauga, Ohio and across the Ohio River. On December 15, 1967 this bridge collapsed during rush hour, so the traffic there at that time was very dense, and cause the death of 46 people, two of which were not found. The collapse of this bridge due to a few defects (2.5 mm) on the suspension cables.

This incident was associated with previous Mothman sightings, some believed the Mothman came to warn the citizens about the calamity that would occur, including the Silver Bridge collapse disaster. After the bridge collapse Siler, Mothman disappeared from the horizon and never appeared openly again.Enough with the events involving the Mothman! Now we discuss the subject of our real ...

The creature is Mothman? 
Theories ... 
1. The Curse of Chief Cornstalk
 Chief Cornstalk was an Indian tribal leader who fought during the war of the revolution. He tried to find a balance of peace between the American Indians, until eventually a power struggle and the Cornstalk as a leader will inevitably have to retaliate. Until one day he was arrested with his son in what is now known as Point Pleasant, West Virginia. While they are locked up, an Indian killed an American soldier. As an American retaliation Cornstalk and his son were killed. Cornstalk was murdered before pronouncing a curse, he stated that he had tried to do good and fight only when his people are threatened. Peace is a top priority and therefore they (Americans) killed him. Thus, the alleged curse was born the Mothman.
2. Mutation

 As is explained that the Mothman was first and is often seen in a warehouse or industrial TNT's empty, this led to a conjecture that Mothman is a mutant of a bird due to interaction with toxic chemical compounds that can survive despite DNA structure and morphology changes.
3. Sandhill Crane

 One early theory about the Mothman is a bird identification Sandhill Crane, Sandhill Crane has a wingspan of about 5.3 meters (up to 7 feet), the overall average length of 39 inches and has a special characteristic Mothman, gliding on the distance distances without flapping wings and has a typical scream. Mothman and eyes that glow is actually caused the reflection of light from a flashlight or other light sources.

4. Extraterrestrial 

In the apparitions the Mothman, the ufolog believe that the Mothman was an alien because along with the Mothman sightings, there were reports of an alleged UFO and MIB figure, dressed all in black started aggressively asking about the Mothman to witnesses and journalists who follow the development Mothman case at the time. A little story about someone who supposedly MIB:On 27 November 1966, Connie Carpenter was driving home from church when he saw Mothman suddenly spread their wings and fly. Shortly afterwards the Mothman flying low and provide an opportunity for Connie saw her face she describes very terrible. On February 27, 1967, Connie was walking to school when a man driving a 1946 Buick approached him. It looks like the old man around 20's, brown skinned and not wearing a coat or jacket when the temperature is very cold. He grabbed Connie, but Connie managed to evade. The next day he found a note written in pencil on the terrace, "Be careful girl, I can get you"

Although reports of the Mothman not segencar year 1966-1967, there are few reports about the Mothman in a few years back after the collapse of the Silver Bridge, one of which is the photographs,
This photo was taken by someone from Russell, Kentucky who was walking with his dog. He lived on the border between Kentucky and Ohio. Carrying a digital camera to take pictures of their pets, along the way they see the awesome sight of a bridge that connects the two states. They accidentally see something was crawling on the ceiling of the bridge, then stop and fly ...

And these are some photos taken at the events of 9 / 11

flying creature is believed by some people is the Mothman, a number of others have argued that it pterodactilcompare the body length with a width of the WTC buildings, approximately 6-8 timeHis name is also the mystery of the world, will not be endless ...And here I will be faithful to post

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