Thursday, March 1, 2012

8 things doomsday cause

Ever imagine what would end? Earth is not as safe as we thought. Here are eight things that could potentially lead to an end. 

There are some things that can cause the end of the world on our planet. Scientists give detail about it and the following eight things.

A. Gamma ray attack 

When super nova exploded, the explosion produces gamma rays. If there was an explosion near the earth at least 30 million light years away it's dangerous. 

"These rays can damage the earth's atmosphere and produce global fires, burning and killing the atmosphere of living species left in recent months that even though living under water," said Annie McQuade, author of a book on global disaster. Fortunately, this incredible explosion far from the planet Earth. 

2. Deadly human virus attack 

In the book by John Barnes explained how the 'mind virus' could destroy the world. In another book, Barnes introduced the nano-reconstructor (a tool that can change people's minds) and can be used to instruct the brain to do evil. 

Similarly, Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University, Barrett Caldwell said it is better known as 'mass psychogenic illness' which make those infected become withdrawn and isolated. Until now there is no protection to prevent virus attacks the mind. "An example is the genocide in Rwanda ," said Howard Davidson, a physicist and professor at Stanford. 

3. North and south poles swap places 

Every few hundred years, the Earth's magnetic poles reverse. "The problem is not with the change of place, but the Earth's magnetic field will attract the solar radiation around the poles," explains the author of Implied Spaces, Walter Jon Williams. "So, if the poles swap places so many people that will burn." 

4. Universe continues to expand 

This is called a 'big rip'. Dark energy is forcing the universe is expanding and the resulting atomic particles can not meet and interact again. This will cause all the materials separated.This process takes thousands of years, there is no way to prevent these events. 

5. Experimental scientists too far 

History shows, the greatest danger to man is his own. Along with the development of human experimentation, encouraging the emergence of a danger to the world. "The biggest mistake is not experimental but rather the human experiments that use these experimental results," said Williams. 

6. Leveling super volcano planet 

Super volcano in South East Asia India burned 73 thousand years ago and causing volcanic winter for two decades and destroyed 75% of the human race.Three of the six volcanic hazard currently exists in the United States (U.S.) in which the mountain is likely to cause "catastrophic volcanic 'it. 
If thel vocano erupts, no one can stop it. Volcanic eruptions can occur from several mountains at once. 

7. The computer takes over all 

One more human creation that is now happening. As advances in computers, the computer will eventually take over all human work. More dangerous threat comes from the Artificial Intelligence (AI). "AI is qualitatively better than humans," said McQuade. "AI can learn quickly and easily exceeded the 'intelligence' man."


8. Coughing spreads around the world 

One of the simplest causes the other is a cough. Deadly flu can spread around the world very quickly. "Flu is always a threat at any time, especially for fast deployment," said William. 
"Another problem is that hospitals now rely too much on antibiotics, so ignore the sterilization procedure," he added. 

Fortunately, scientists succeeded in developing this dangerous flu virus vaccine. The easiest way against this potential is to maintain cleanliness

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