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The story of Zana - who gave birth to Bigfoot Russian children of men

do you know about the mystery of bigfoot? this time I will discusse about a mysterious creature bigfoot and ZanaIn the 1880s, in Russia, a female creature like Bigfoot been captured alive. He then lived in the midst of the community and gave birth to the children of men. This creature named Zana and still one of the puzzles that confuse cryptozoology.

This story comes from the Abkhazia region in Georgia, Russia, and is told by Dmitri Bayanov, a hominolog, in his book "In the Footsteps of the Russian Snowman". 

In the region, such as being called by the name Zana Abnuaaya. It is unclear how Zana can be caught at first. Some reports say the hunters accidentally met him and immediately arrested him. Other reports suggested that the local residents who are aware of any such creature Zana has sent the hunters to capture him.But at least we know that Zana really caught on and eventually become the property of a nobleman named Edgi Genaba. 

Zana's body shape is not a human being. It has a higher body and hair filled with reddish-black hair that meet head to toe. He also has broad shoulders and thick muscles. His skin is dark, toes and arms are longer and larger than humans in general. 

Zana can not speak. During the middle decades of life in humans, Zana never learned the language Abhkaz. He only noises complaints and cries when sad or angry. 
When first arrested, the hunters gave it to the head region called DM Achba Zaadan. Then Achba give it to 
 one of his employees named Chelokua. Chelokua then give it to Edgi Genaba who visited the region. Genaba Zana and chained him to a village near the river Mokva Tkhina, 78 kilometers from Sukhumi. 

At first, he refused to give Genaba eat and just shut Zana in the cage for being such a wild animal. But after Zana showed a good attitude, Genaba started giving food. After three years, Zana showed a more benign attitude to Genaba move to a bigger place with a fence. After a while, Zana left free without any confinement.Once released, Zana had never tried to escape. 

Zana years lived in the village, he did not indicate any significant change in his face. His teeth are still incomplete and its strength is not reduced. She could swim across the river Mokva easily, even when the water rises and the current is swift.Villagers also reported that Zana can easily lift a 80 kg bag of flour with ease. Therefore, Zana eventually be trained to perform human tasks such as grinding flour and firewood. 

Then, one day, an unexpected event occurs. Zana was pregnant. None of the man who recognizes as the responsible party.That said, Zana gave birth to the children of several different men. She gave birth to her children without the help of anyone and always clean up her newborn baby in a spring. As a result, all these babies can not survive and die because of cold water exposure. 

So, when Zana re-birth, the villagers are concerned about bringing her baby away and raise it. Four babies were taken away by the people, two men and two women. Four children managed to live and grow as human beings in general.Indeed, the four children are said to have a slightly different physical human beings in general, but they do not have difficulties to adapt to other people. 

Dzhanda named his eldest son and second son named Khwit. Kodzhanar named his eldest daughter and second daughter named Gamasa. Khwit died in 1954. While their descendants still live scattered throughout the region and Abkhazia until now. 

Khwit Gamasa and has a strong physique. but their appearance is much different from Zana. It looks like the physical appearance of the father is dominant in both of them. Khwit died at the age of 65-70 years. He was called as an ill-tempered and often invites other residents to fight. Even his right hand became disabled due to a fight.

There are rumors circulating that the father is actually Khwit and Gamasa Edgi Genaba own, but the census records, the two boys named Sabekia family. These rumors may develop due to Zana was buried in the family cemetery Genaba and two children also brought up by his wife Zana Genaba. 

On September 1964, archaeologists and Dmitri Bayanov VS Orelkin who are interested in this mystery of trying to reinvent the grave Zana. But because of all the descendants of the clan Genaba had died, no one can pinpoint exactly where the graves Zana. Archaeologists can only find a grave Khwit. Khwit skull was brought to Moscow for further study. 
Anthropologist MA Kolodieva comparing the skull with skull Khwit other men who also came from Abkhazia and found a highly significant difference in size. See the comparison photos below.Although the story is well documented, but many questions are still not completely answered.Do Zana comes from the same species to humans?If so, why he could have physically different?These questions are still making Zana as one of the most perplexing puzzles in the world of cryptozoology.

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