Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the latest victim costa concordia

 the latest victim costa concordia

The body of a woman found in the Italian cruise ship which ran aground and overturned last week. This latter finding makes the death toll reached 12 people. 
The bodies were found with life jackets in body, was found by divers on the fourth floor of the Costa Concordia. 

Twenty people remain missing after boat passenger  4200 man hit a reef in shallow waters on January 13 off the coast of the island of Giglio. 

Captain of the ship undergoing investigation for alleged murder. But he denied all allegations.Oil leakA police officer who declined to be named said her body had been brought to the island first."They have to rely on the results of DNA tests to identify victims after a week immersed in the water," said the official at the news agency AFP. 

The coast guard and navy divers continue their search last Saturday, to the bottom of the vessel used explosives to find the missing victims.Search halted Friday after Concordia shift. 

Coast guard spokesman Cosimo Nicastro said the body was found in the search effort is full of risks at the rear of the ship."The corridor is very narrow boats and divers to take risks," said Commander Nicastro. 
The rescue workers said Saturday they will not stop searching until they finished combing all parts of the ship. 

But according to the correspondent said rescue teams pressed for time, for fear the ship will move to deeper waters.One official said quick action must be taken to move the boat fuel. An Italian naval ship had been prepared to anticipate the possibility of oil leaks.The lawsuitShip operator company also faces class action or class-action in the United States. 

Italy Consumer Association, Codacons, and two United States attorneys office told the BBC that they would mengggugat Costa Cruises, Costa Concordia, which operates on behalf of the passengers.

 "Together with Codacons, we formed the association and our office will jointly filed a lawsuit in Miami on Wednesday next week, on behalf of the passenger ship Costa Concordia accident," said Mitchell Proner, from the office of attorney Proner & Proner. 
Proner adding the passengers demanding compensation to receive health services further and also because of lost income and suffering from psychological impact when trying to leave the ship.They demand at least a minimum compensation of U.S. $ 160,000 or approximately Rp2, 2 billion and to date there have been 110 plaintiffs.

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