Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mystery of Life in the Underground Man

Legend has it there is life beneath the soil, and its entrance is located at the north pole. The legend which emerged from the time of Plato believes that in the earth is full of tunnels and holes. Is the legend true?

Thought the hole in the ground is very popular among the authors of "science fiction". In fact, some authors point estimate calculations and experiments to prove the planet Earth, has a hole in it. Then if the "science fiction" is true?

Doctorate of Geology and minerals of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Mark Sadikov said, people will not get into the bowels of the earth, because there is no hole at the north pole. Region in the north is a deep-sea zone, and there are troughs in some parts.

Research officer in the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute Maria Gavrilo also said, never get a hole in the north while doing research in the area. In fact, the north pole itself is an ice-covered ocean in full.

In the 21st century, it investigated the possibility of a hole again. Experts say the advocates of the holes of the earth's magnetic field varying as indicated. They also refer to the auroral light which is the gas that appears at the poles.

Proponents of the theory is called, the compass always act funny when approaching the poles. Many researchers also mention the warm winds often blow from the north pole is likely to come from a big hole that was there.

Maria Gavrilo refutes the theory of magnetic field. He called the magnetic field in the north and south poles moving expand. Research at the two poles that showed both unstable and move actively.

While the appearance of the aurora polaris is a unique phenomenon generated by the atoms in the upper atmosphere. Auroral oval is zone above the poles.

Astronauts from space to observe the earth on the moon glowed like a halo. However, the light from the earth can only be seen at the poles. Aurora polaris can be very large due to the influence of interference of radio signals.

Researchers say, is something normal compass had become unmanageable when approaching the poles. That is, because the Earth's magnetic field is stronger near the poles and the appointment of an erratic compass is an attempt to point to a particular direction.

The majority of the idea of ​​a hole in the earth's more based on assumptions rather than scientific data. According to the study, the holes that may exist only karst cave. Life on the Earth is also not possible, because not enough room under the earth's surface.

Both pressure and temperature rise sharply in a certain depth. When the mine was made more than one kilometer in Africa, where it must be equipped for temperature control room became very hot.

Supporters claim the hole in the earth, the planet should have greater weight if there are no holes. But Maria Gavrilo says, when calculating the weight of the earth must be based on the mass of non-stationary, but moving. If the fact is ignored, then the calculation by the researchers will get the wrong results.

This hollow planet theory will continue to be a mystery. Because until now, a layer of earth called the lithosphere is still a mystery, and no one knows what is in the deeper layers of the coating.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The village looked Stone, Kandovan

Kandovan is the only village that is built entirely of stone, all the houses in the village are built of stone, sometimes there are already seven centuries old!

Unique city of stone is located between the city of Osku and Tabriz. The only hotel in this place is The Kandovan Tourism Cliff Hotel is the second most unique hotel in the world under the sole of the Cave Hotel of Turkey.

According to legend, the town first came to escape pursuit by the Mongolian army. They ran and dug hideouts in the volcanic rock and stay there, until even the danger had passed.

The place was originally developed as a place to hide a house complete with kitchen, bathroom, even a family gathering place. The houses in this village using a glass with beautiful colors to the windows of their homes.

Once you approach the city of Osku or Kandovan of Tabriz, you will be greeted with a great view of the green leaves of trees, so you will not forget that you are in Iran is barren and dry. Getting closer, you will be enchanted by the unique shape of the house are incredibly beautiful.

In every part of the city there are many signs that offer a visit to one of the houses with certain costs. Some of the houses have been converted into stables or mews. But a lot of houses completely untouched by modernization, makes you nostalgic atmosphere will carry life seven centuries ago.

Population Kandovan mostly farmers or herders Lamb profession, but the source of their income comes from tourism. They realize the great potential of their ancient homes and begin to learn to live together with the travelers from all over the world.

Visitors can choose to sleep in Kandovan Tourism Cliff Hotel 5-star, and is located in the heart of the village, or at one of the visitors, provided you can speak Farsi.

Along the river that divides the village from this stone, there are many cafes, where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of juice Zam-zam cool, gentle breeze filled with fragrant aroma of roses.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 Creepy story of the Titanic

Titanic,15 April marks 100 years of the sinking RMS Titanic. Despite the tragic story about this luxury yacht is often headline news, there are other stories that emerged from the Titanic, ghost stories. These are spooky tales of the Titanic.

1. After the Titanic tragedy, rescue teams found 328 victims of the Titanic and to temporarily evacuate their bodies to the House of Make-Up Bodies Snow & Co in Halifax, Nova Scotia. According to Encompass magazine, the house is now a corpse makeup Five Fisherman Restaurant, and pulley used to haul the bodies of the victims of the Titanic to the top of the roof of the building is still there in the wine storage room.
Now, the strange events such as flying glass from the cupboard or utensils that fall to the floor even though there was no one around, often in the restaurant. Manager Gary MacDonald says, "You have to respect them or they will interfere."

2. In 2008, the Atlanta Journal published a story about Constitusion Georgia Aquarium after the exhibition "Titanic Aquatic" there. Some volunteers report strange occurrences the exhibition while working on the show featuring hundreds of Titanic artifacts. Aquarium staff then brought paranormal investigator who later concluded that the Titanic exhibition is indeed a fine dwelling creatures.

3. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, in the 1990s, a man named Jaime Rodriguez of San Francisco said he was haunted by ghosts. Then he found out that a passenger on the Titanic had lived in the apartment. But the passengers, Dr. Henry Washington Dodge was not a hero. Dr Dodge admitted he let women and children to go up to the lifeboat which saved his wife and son, but later he himself joined the lifeboat and climbed into the public spotlight due to his behavior.
fter receiving lawsuits and financial losses, Dodge became depressed and committed suicide in his apartment in San Francisco in 1919. His ghost appears at his apartment later that every summer every year, and always in the same place.

4. Legendary socialite Margaret "Molly" Brown survived the sinking of the Titanic, but the former home in Denver was the site of strange things. According to Colorado Mysterious blogs, events that are paranormal occurs regularly in the Molly Brown House Museum in Denver, including disorders of the furniture and the ghost sightings Molly Brown and her husband James Joseph Brown. Molly's mother apparition in the window of the house it had occurred, as well as the emergence of tobacco smells Mr. Brown and his wife's favorite perfume that smells of roses.

5. According to the Daily Mail, the home-born captain of the Titanic in the UK also has a history mystery. Childhood home Captain Edward John Smith marked mysteriously floods and cold wind that suddenly appear, as well as ghost sightings.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Passing to the Ice Ages, Ancient Man Forced to Perform Cannibalism

Cheddar Gorge caves the bones of ancient humans show to cannibalism to past ice ages. They process human flesh as an expert in animal flesh.
New technologies with carbon technique suggests that 14,700 years ago, humans lived in caves in the Mendips Gough tasted the flesh of their fellow man, not only for the ritual. The present invention provides an understanding of how the ancestors of the UK reach the coast.

Research shows that tribal hunters had moved to England from Spain and France with the rapid development of an unusual moment of global warming occur and cause an ice age.

Temperatures reach 6 to 7 degrees Celsius and the ice spread so rapidly around the world. Initial population of England and lived in caves in the Cheddar Gorge Gough is currently known by the name of Somerset.They process human flesh in the same way as they process the experts with the flesh of animals, said Professor Chris Stringer of the Natural History Museum, London.

They took a little food they get from the bones.As quoted by the Guardian, the scientist explained that the crisis this cannibalism occurs when they eat meat with one another, because the food source is gone. For example, some acts of cannibalism occurs in a plane crash in 1972 where the survivors to consume human flesh who were killed in the crash, said Stringer.

Not only that, cannibalism occurs in humans in which hunters kill and eat another human being because they have a preference to consume human flesh. This action is known by the killer cannibal.New evidence emerging from penlitian Dr Sylvia Bello of the Natural History Museum shows a significant discovery. "These people break bones to get bone marrow in it," said Bello.

They took all the muscle mass. The brain seems to also be taken. So it is with the tongue. It's also quite possible that the eye is also drawn. This is a fairly systematic action, Bello said again.In addition, treatment of these ancient humans treat other humans like animals by removing them in a hole

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

bermuda triangle in china

More than 200 ships and boats disappeared for 30 years

A number of major Chinese media reported on the dangerous waters of Lake Poyang, China's largest lake, On October 20, 2010. Poyang Lake is known as the 'Bermuda Triangle in the East.' More than 200 boats sank in these waters for 30 years. 1,600 people were missing and about 30 victims suffered mental illness.

Bermuda Triangle is located north of Lake Poyang, Duchang Region, Jiangxi Province. Just north of the lake there is a temple called the temple Laoye. Therefore, the locals refer to it as waters waters Laoye temple.Among the missing ships in the region, there is one that weighs 2,000 tons. This incident occurred on August 3, 1985 with 13 ships and other boats in the waters of the unfortunate. The mystery is that the ship could not be found despite the search efforts to the fullest.


Storms Can Happen Anytime

According to some media reports, many local fishermen pray to burn incense or holding a ceremony before they travel in the water. "The storm could hit at any time," said Zhang Xiaojin (50), which has been a fisherman in the waters of Laoye temple for 20 years. He and other fishermen are always careful to observe small changes in the lake, matter how far away they entered the lake.

"I remember one day in the winter of 2001, we are in the middle of the lake. At first all looks fine, but suddenly the weather changed suddenly. Waves became so powerful, so the whole ship trying to dock into the lake, "said Wang Fangren, an experienced sailing for 50 years."One of the boats carrying sand sank suddenly."According to Wang, there are usually signs before a violent storm hit. But the storm in the waters of the temple Laoye always come suddenly. "Storms usually last about 20 minutes and never return to normal as if nothing happened," he said.

On 16 April 1945, a Japanese ship sunk in the waters of the temple Laoye. None of the 20 crew members survived.After that Japan sent rescue teams under the water. Only one person can come back and the rest disappeared without a trace. People who saved this looks terrified, after she took off her bathing suit, he lost his memory.Later, a rescue mission carried out for several months, but there is nothing that can be found and some American divers were also vanished without a trace.

Han Lixian, one city resident Duchang said, "In 1977, the people in this region to build three dams, one of which was built near the temple Laoye waters. One night the dam with a length of 2,000 feet, 165 feet wide and with a height of 16 meters above the water, sank without a bit jarring. "

Strange Wind

Some time ago, a reporter from the Daily Jiangxi went to the temple Laoye waters with a number of scientists. When he stood in the temple Laoye, he felt the strong winds blowing from south to north. But when he saw the water, sparks seen blowing from north to south. It seems the wind is blowing from the two opposite directions.Then, when the wind was blowing hard, splashing water in the lake did not form a straight line but in a 'V'. The wind and the odd splash of this makes it difficult for fishermen to tell the direction

Tipping the boat-boat-behind Invisible Waves and Wind

However, people believe that this strange wind that makes it a dangerous waters. Jin, Laoye temple abbot, said that on March 5, when the weather is sunny, a ship weighing 1,000 tons, the waters reversed. No one knows what causes it.

In view of the local peduduk, there is a legend who can explain what really happened. When Zhu Yuanzhang, founder of the Yuan Dynasty waged war against competitors Chen Youliang near Poyang Lake, Zhu defeated and retreated to the edge of the lake. No boats on the lake, but a giant turtle emerged and helped Zhu cross the lake.

After Zhu became emperor, he makes the turtle as a general Laoye and build a temple near the lake in memory of the turtle. Local residents believe that the spirit of turtles that have been disturbing the fishermen.A local expert told the media that they have found what causes the dangerous waters.

"An infrared image shows that there is a sand cliff with a height of about 6600, across from east to west, under the waters of the temple Laoye. This has resulted in the creation of a whirlpool at the bottom of the lake. This vortex is enabling exciting and sink ships and boats, "said the report.However, this theory can not explain why the carcasses that sank the ship was never found.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Raining mystery blobs, the blob Mysterious Rain

mysterious rain_In 1994, a strange phenomenon is happening in Oakville, Washington, USA. Region with a population of 665 souls are startled by a strange phenomenon that occurs in their area. Rain fell in heavy, but not the usual rain rain but a mysterious substance in the form of gels. Peculiarities do not end there, after the mysterious rain subsided, some residents began experiencing flu symptoms. Is the mysterious rain cause?

These events occurred exactly on the date of August 7, 1994 in the morning. Residents did not realize that on that day will be rain. Then, not long after, the rain fell, but it is not raining rain water but a mysterious substance in the form of gels.

Mysterious rain did not last long. After subsided, residents saw scattered clumps of gel that where - where. Because the event was unprecedented in Oakville, so many people who try to hold the gel-shaped substance. A local policeman said, "The substance is very soft, like holding a lump of jelly in your hands. We know that many strange phenomena in this world, but this is really - really anything unusual. "

Toward late afternoon, most people begin to experience strange symptoms in their bodies. They had a headache - dizziness, nausea, difficulty breathing, and some people fainted. Dozens or perhaps hundreds of people rushed to local hospitals, and that makes the surprise is that the symptoms suffered by each - each resident is different. There are only experiencing flu symptoms, vertigo is suffering from serious complications in the eye, there is also suffering from an infection in the ear. Since many who suspect that a mysterious plague epidemic was caused by unusual rains, then one resident named Sunny that strange substance brought to the hospital for examination.

After investigation by the hospital, a lab technician to announce the results of lab tests. According to him the substance of human white blood cells megansung, hmm .. similar to the red rain in Kerala, but with a different case. We are not sure whether this is the cause of the epidemic in this region, but we have been sending samples to the Washington Health Department for further investigation.

Meanwhile, a microbiological others named Mike McDowell said that if he had not found any biological structure of the substance was, but he found two types of bacteria that are harmful to humans. One of them attacked the human digestive system, but Mike also has not been able to ascertain the type of bacteria.

Then, from which this substance come from? some people suspect that the mysterious substance derived from human waste are disposed of komersil.Tetapi airplanes, the theory got a rebuttal because in accordance with FAA regulations, the dirt is removed from commercial aircraft is blue because it is mixed with a special material, while the substance is actually clear.

According to one resident, the rain had flushed the peculiar Oakville 6 times in 3 weeks. Many people are sick and too many animals who died after holding the strange blobs. Residents were then brought samples of the lump and take it to other microbiological expert, Tim Davis.

After investigation, Davis said that he found in the eukaryotic cell clumps, although he has not entirely sure. He said that the eukaryotic cell is a cell found in living things, especially in animals.

Because of this bizarre case of rain blobs remain a mystery and is not resolved, there arose speculation about the events that swept Oakville on August 7, 1994. One of the most popular theory is the chemtrail theory. A resident said that many low-flying military aircraft in their area, sometimes there are black helicopters flying too low through the Oakville area. They suspect that the mysterious substance from planes and helicopters.

Unfortunately, their theory is still not forthcoming, although it sounds convincing. However, rain terjadu mysterious substance in the Oakville area is still a mystery to this day, and the biggest question that haunts the population of Oakville is Where, how, and why strange events that struck them.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

This farmers Have Sex With Alien

A farmer in China admitted having sex with an alien if the alien and he described the woman plays a three-meter, has 12 fingers, and feet with fur.
Man named Meng Zhaoguo who worked in the city of Wuchang, Heilingjiang, as a farmer in 1994 when he saw a metallic object, and he glowed through the mountains. At first he thought it was a helicopter that crashed, but when approached he was confused and then can communicate with others.

In the evening alien woman appears and asks to have sex. These farmers then receive an invitation and admitted that they had floated to the height of 40 centimeters. "I do not believe it at first but after seeing it I just believe it," he said.

To prove his words, Meng through a lie detector test to make sure what he says is true. However, he made ​​it through that test. Meng also met with other planetary beings.
"Alien shows a crystal and I could see the forest, icebergs, and fossils in the earth," he explained. Alien also said that the child of the sex was going to be born 60 years later. Previously in China appear disc-like appearance of objects in Hangzhou Airport in June and make the airport was closed.

Save the earth will be devoured by cannibals

Chandra X-ray observatory owned by the U.S. space agency (NASA) found the star of 'cannibal' who are fond of devouring its neighbors. Red giant stars billions of years old is named piscium BP (BP PSC). He estimated that the younger stars, which can still be seen from the remains.

Piscium BP is an evolutionary version of the Sun, located about 1,000 light years from Earth. Star is located in the constellation Pisces. The scientists began to study the BP piscium 15 years ago and was puzzled by an unusual appearance.

This star orbits a dusty disk or a disk of material that usually is evidence of starting the formation of planets around new stars.

While young stars are usually born in the star cluster, the position of BP piscium isolated. This makes the astronomers believe that the red giant star in the final stages of evolution. The scientists concluded that the dust disk of material formed from the remains of a young star who had just eaten and digests.

Professor Joel Kastner of the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, said the researchers have discovered a case of 'cannibalism stars' are rare. Scientists believe, BP piscium prey on his neighbors only after developing a 'giant-red' the final phase of the evolution of a star.

"Our work is full of speculation, watching the stars, right at the point where he had swallowed another star, and hence it forms a disk or a disk of dust," said Kastner as published by the Telegraph, Thursday, September 16, 2010. "Some of the material the star of 'victim' drove into the BP piscium. The other, thrown out at high speed. That's what we saw. "

Earth scientists even believe that one day could meet the fate of the stars who devoured BP piscium poor. Why?

Remember, Earth is a solar system, where the Sun to the center. "BP piscium shows us that a star like the Sun may live quietly for billions of years. However, when it evolved into the final stage, the Sun could have swallowed a star or two planets around it, "said David Rodriguez of the University of California, Los Angeles.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Human's Ability to Set Sail From Thousands of Years Ago

According to official reports, the archaeologists on the island of Crete, Greece, have found surprising evidence that humans are able to move through the water, thousands of years earlier than thought all.


Greek Culture Minister said that the U.S. and Greek archaeologists came to this conclusion after finding stone tools and axes are approximately 130 thousand-year-old on the island of Crete, which at that time had become the island. Similarly, as quoted from the Red Orbit, Tuesday (01/04/2011).


"The results of the survey not only provides evidence that the Mediterranean sea exploration has been done 10 thousand years earlier than we thought previously, but also alter our understanding of ancient human capabilities," said the minister.


Previous evidence on the first exploration of the sea in Greece is 11,000 years old.


It is said that the shards of pottery and sculpture found in the region and Preveli Plakia in 2008 and 2009 are the most ancient discoveries about migration by sea.


Greek archaeologists working with the American School of Classical Studies at first only to find the remains of Stone Age era 10 000 BC in the southwest of the island of Crete.


Existing evidence of human habitat on the island of Crete from the Neolithic era, about 7,000 years BC.


"Until now we do not have evidence of early Stone Age on the island of Crete," said archaeologist Maria Vlaziki.


"They may come from Africa or from Asia," added Vlaziki. "Research into the future this will help to explain,"


Greek Culture Minister also added that the old tools that may be found approximately 700 thousand years old.


The team of archaeologists are now seeking permission from the Greek government to excavate the site again

Friday, April 13, 2012

Israeli Scientists opinion about the First Human

Israeli archaeologists claim to have discovered the earliest evidence of modern human existence. If this is true, then it would change history, as well as theories about human origins.
The team from the University of Tel Aviv who dug a cave in central Israel, claimed to have found human teeth 400,000 years old - fits with the remains of Homo sapiens found in another Israel.

"It's exciting to reach this conclusion," said archaeologist Avi Gopher, whose team examined the teeth of the ancient use of X-ray and CT Scan.

However, he added, more research is needed to strengthen the claim, the. If it is proven, "it will change the picture of evolution."

Currently, the accepted scientific theory is that Homo sapiens originated in Africa and migrated out of the black continent. Gopher said if the fossil is related to the ancestors of modern humans, it could mean that modern humans originated from the area now called Israel.

Qesem prehistoric cave was discovered in 2000, and excavations began in 2004. Israeli researchers, Gopher, Ran Barkai and Hershkowitz published their study in American Journal of Physical Anthropology.Meanwhile, a prehistory of Cambridge University, Sir Paul Mellars said the findings obtained from Israel can be trusted and important - especially the discovery of fossils from this period include rare. However, it is still premature to say that what is found in Israel is right, the human fossil.

Based on the theory developed at this time, modern humans and Neanderthals came from a common ancestor who lived in Africa about 700,000 years ago.

One group was derived from a common ancestor and then migrated to Europe and evolved into the later extinct Neanderthal species. The other group remained in Africa and evolved into Homo sapiens - modern humans.

Mellars explained, teeth often become a reliable indicator in the field of archeology. He believes the team in Israel will find a skull and bones when they are digging deeper into

Thursday, April 12, 2012

dullahan legend lives pullers

Among the many legends about the angel of death, Dullahan if one of the most terrible. Suppose comes from Irish legend, this creature has appearances that can make anyone nape feathers stood for a moment. Nearly all of recorded history and myths of the Dullahan out that other creatures do not have the head in place as they should. So the head of the god of death is always carried in his hand, not stuck in the neck!

Many say the objective is to hand to lift her high head until Dullahan can look beyond the surrounding area. Dullahan pale face reflected, with a wide mouth split from ear to ear others. Small eyes and stared at the black color is very sharp; were having so sharp that even anyone who sees it will be glued for a while. Dullahan's head is also covered by green aura. Aura is helping Dullahan to look around, so his head would serve as a lantern lights.

Dullahan other special features is the whip that always brings wherever he went, where the whip is made from embroidered supposedly deceased human body. Dullahan stature shooting from the neck down, have a more diverse variations. However, in general, have higher body with black colored dressing gown. Some among  Dullahan straddle black horse, but some reports indicate that gloomy car drawn by six black horses is Dullahan vehicle. The car was decorated with objects smelling of death, where the most popular ornamental in the legendary skulls Dullahan is used as a candle mat! To be sure Dullahan always appear with the aura of darkness.

The origin of the Dullahan muasal stained with a variety of myths. One of them tells that this creature is the embodiment of one of the Celtic fertility god named Crom Dubh. God is worshiped all over the ancient kings, especially Tighermas who was one of the famous king of Ireland. Each year Tighermas  souls of men to please Crom Dubh. But this man vanished pengurbanan tradition in the 6th century after the Christian era, when Christianity into Ireland, where the faith of Christians eventually eliminate the habit of human sacrifice is not  considered. Though traditionally forget the name but not so big and football lunge Crom Dubh to approach people to take their own lives.

The reason why so feared is because of Dullahan Dullahan appearance usually indicates death. Unlike the Banshee that give advance warning, this creature that only by working quickly called it the name of the person whose name will be removed. Dullahan supposedly roam the middle of a very happy festival or celebration, especially on the festival of Crom Dubh honor of being the god of Fertility. The festival, celebrated by the people of Ireland, held in late August or early September. Once you have targeted the Dullahan will move after the festival ended, precisely when the target alone. Another version says that if Dullahan stops in front of a man who still live feed would be instant death.

Another thing that makes Dullahan become highly respected angel of death is very individualist nature. It is not like  when launching action, and anyone who intentionally or accidentally see then that person will sosoknya blood flowed. In case of contact, most likely the person is a target Dullahan further! But in addition to draining blood, Dullahan will whip up the eyes of the beholder blind. Other advantages of this life  figure is the ability to break through any barriers, either the iron gate with steel keys get the most attractive hiding though. So it's useless to hide or defend themselves if Dullahan has kill someone.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

blood sweating horse legend

More recently, the remains of 80 horses unearthed from the tomb of the bottom hole Empire Wudi, who lived over 2000 years old at the time of the Han Dynasty.

The findings were reviving a legend about the horses 'sweat blood' in ancient China, the report cited Hinhua.  

Wudi story about the "Silk Road" and the horses' blood sweating "has become legends in Chinese culture and many people are drawn to the legendary horses that have long since disappeared.

The Wuzhan, a arkelog who took part in the excavations the tomb of Emperor Wudi, said that at the time of grave digging two holes in September 2009, a team they had 40 bone-telulang horse.

Of laboratory results to the fossil, it turns out it was confirmed adult male horse. "Scientists will be hoping to do DNA tests to determine the genes of the horse," said Wuzhan as quoted by People Daily.


Such findings would revive the centuries the Chinese legend about a mysterious blood sweating horses from Central Asia.

"The legend of the horse is long gone, since the Emperor Wudi offered a hefty reward for anyone who can find a mysterious race horses 'sweat blood' which was said to have explored Central Asia, but rarely seen in China," explained Wuzhan.

Today, the horses were Akhal-Teke is identified as one of the descendants of the oldest horse in the world and most unique.In Chinese records, Emperor Wudi wrote that the horse breed. In a poem he wrote about the Akhal-Teke, a "horse heaven."Horses are known to have speed endurance and sweat of blood fluids such as gallops. It is also believed to be the horse ridden by Genghis Khan (1167-1227).

Emperor Wudi is known for having opened the Silk Road, an ancient trade route linking Asia and Europe. Construction of the emperor's tomb began in 139 BC, a year after he was enthroned at the age of 16 years. And it takes time for 53 years to build.

The tomb has more than 400 holes of sacrifice, the tomb of Qin Shihuang over, "First Emperor" of China.