Sunday, April 15, 2012

This farmers Have Sex With Alien

A farmer in China admitted having sex with an alien if the alien and he described the woman plays a three-meter, has 12 fingers, and feet with fur.
Man named Meng Zhaoguo who worked in the city of Wuchang, Heilingjiang, as a farmer in 1994 when he saw a metallic object, and he glowed through the mountains. At first he thought it was a helicopter that crashed, but when approached he was confused and then can communicate with others.

In the evening alien woman appears and asks to have sex. These farmers then receive an invitation and admitted that they had floated to the height of 40 centimeters. "I do not believe it at first but after seeing it I just believe it," he said.

To prove his words, Meng through a lie detector test to make sure what he says is true. However, he made ​​it through that test. Meng also met with other planetary beings.
"Alien shows a crystal and I could see the forest, icebergs, and fossils in the earth," he explained. Alien also said that the child of the sex was going to be born 60 years later. Previously in China appear disc-like appearance of objects in Hangzhou Airport in June and make the airport was closed.

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