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bermuda triangle in china

More than 200 ships and boats disappeared for 30 years

A number of major Chinese media reported on the dangerous waters of Lake Poyang, China's largest lake, On October 20, 2010. Poyang Lake is known as the 'Bermuda Triangle in the East.' More than 200 boats sank in these waters for 30 years. 1,600 people were missing and about 30 victims suffered mental illness.

Bermuda Triangle is located north of Lake Poyang, Duchang Region, Jiangxi Province. Just north of the lake there is a temple called the temple Laoye. Therefore, the locals refer to it as waters waters Laoye temple.Among the missing ships in the region, there is one that weighs 2,000 tons. This incident occurred on August 3, 1985 with 13 ships and other boats in the waters of the unfortunate. The mystery is that the ship could not be found despite the search efforts to the fullest.


Storms Can Happen Anytime

According to some media reports, many local fishermen pray to burn incense or holding a ceremony before they travel in the water. "The storm could hit at any time," said Zhang Xiaojin (50), which has been a fisherman in the waters of Laoye temple for 20 years. He and other fishermen are always careful to observe small changes in the lake, matter how far away they entered the lake.

"I remember one day in the winter of 2001, we are in the middle of the lake. At first all looks fine, but suddenly the weather changed suddenly. Waves became so powerful, so the whole ship trying to dock into the lake, "said Wang Fangren, an experienced sailing for 50 years."One of the boats carrying sand sank suddenly."According to Wang, there are usually signs before a violent storm hit. But the storm in the waters of the temple Laoye always come suddenly. "Storms usually last about 20 minutes and never return to normal as if nothing happened," he said.

On 16 April 1945, a Japanese ship sunk in the waters of the temple Laoye. None of the 20 crew members survived.After that Japan sent rescue teams under the water. Only one person can come back and the rest disappeared without a trace. People who saved this looks terrified, after she took off her bathing suit, he lost his memory.Later, a rescue mission carried out for several months, but there is nothing that can be found and some American divers were also vanished without a trace.

Han Lixian, one city resident Duchang said, "In 1977, the people in this region to build three dams, one of which was built near the temple Laoye waters. One night the dam with a length of 2,000 feet, 165 feet wide and with a height of 16 meters above the water, sank without a bit jarring. "

Strange Wind

Some time ago, a reporter from the Daily Jiangxi went to the temple Laoye waters with a number of scientists. When he stood in the temple Laoye, he felt the strong winds blowing from south to north. But when he saw the water, sparks seen blowing from north to south. It seems the wind is blowing from the two opposite directions.Then, when the wind was blowing hard, splashing water in the lake did not form a straight line but in a 'V'. The wind and the odd splash of this makes it difficult for fishermen to tell the direction

Tipping the boat-boat-behind Invisible Waves and Wind

However, people believe that this strange wind that makes it a dangerous waters. Jin, Laoye temple abbot, said that on March 5, when the weather is sunny, a ship weighing 1,000 tons, the waters reversed. No one knows what causes it.

In view of the local peduduk, there is a legend who can explain what really happened. When Zhu Yuanzhang, founder of the Yuan Dynasty waged war against competitors Chen Youliang near Poyang Lake, Zhu defeated and retreated to the edge of the lake. No boats on the lake, but a giant turtle emerged and helped Zhu cross the lake.

After Zhu became emperor, he makes the turtle as a general Laoye and build a temple near the lake in memory of the turtle. Local residents believe that the spirit of turtles that have been disturbing the fishermen.A local expert told the media that they have found what causes the dangerous waters.

"An infrared image shows that there is a sand cliff with a height of about 6600, across from east to west, under the waters of the temple Laoye. This has resulted in the creation of a whirlpool at the bottom of the lake. This vortex is enabling exciting and sink ships and boats, "said the report.However, this theory can not explain why the carcasses that sank the ship was never found.

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