Thursday, March 15, 2012

Legend of Spring heeled Jack - Jack the heels of spring

The attacker was tall, with ears and noses are sharp edges that look with the eyes glowing. He was wearing a hood on his head. When he attacked the female victim, he tore their clothes and bodies with sharp claws like iron. When he escaped, he did not run like humans in general, the higher he jumps. Witnesses who saw the figure could have sworn that he had a spring in the heel. 

Nearly 200 years have passed since the creature, dubbed Spring heeled Jack (Jack the heels of the spring) to terrorize the city of London. Until now, any researcher who look back to this extraordinary story can only speculate about the identity of the mysterious.

It seems to be very difficult to think of existence as a lie because he recorded sightings across the UK ranging from London to Liverpool. 

Some researchers believe this creature is really just a mental peneror like Jack the Ripper. However, some believe that Jack is a supernatural creature, perhaps he was the devil himself. 

In the world of Cryptozoology, Jack categorized into "stealth Striker", parallel to the crazy gas Spreader of Matton and Demon Clown. Stealth attacker himself is spreading terror by category creature looks like a human but has exceeded the ability of human beings in general.But, who the real Jack the heels of spring? 

The first sighting reports 

Jack the heel spring first emerged from the darkness in 1837 in London.In that year, one night, a man was walking home from his office when he saw one being jumped over a high fence in the cemetery with ease and landed right on the street in front of him. The creature then disappeared in the darkness of night. 

Encounter for a few seconds was enough to make me shudder with fear.What makes him shocked is an unusual figure. Her body looks like a muscular man with glowing red eyes and ears and noses are sharp edges. 

Encounter events that began to spread in the city of London. Initially just sounds like a rumor, but the residents of London soon realized that maybe they're dealing with something real.In the following years, he became famous because of the attacks had done to the women.

Mary StevensIn October the same year, a woman named Mary Stevens was walking towards Lavender Hill. 

As he walked through Clapham Common, a mysterious creature jumped out of a dark alley. The creature was soon holding Mary in his arms and kissed her face. Mary could feel the cold claws tore his skin. 

In the extraordinary fear, Mary screamed with all his strength so that the creature fled immediately.The next day, the creature came near the house of Mary. He jumped in near a train that caused the driver to panic and lose control so that the carriage overturned. According to them, the creature leaped to a height of about 2.7 meters, taking out a laugh that sounds weird. 

Intensity increased to a report in the London media began to preach. Soon, mysterious creatures that have a name: Spring heeled Jack, or Jack the heels of the spring.

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