Sunday, March 4, 2012

Boulder float caught on camera in the Gushan

August 4, 2009, on a hill in Gushan, China, a large rock shaped object seen floating gracefully in the air, as if some invisible hand supporting it. Entahkah object was a UFO or just a large rock that floated as a natural phenomenon, no one can tell.

The photos were taken by a man named Hao Gang. He took the photo on July 19, 2009 at 15:34. When the Gang Hao and his family were climbing the hill, he took his camera and photograph the scenery around the place. Two days later, when all photos are fully processed and uploaded to the computer, he saw the object in one photo.

The camera used is Canon SX 110IS. Photos that do not have any editing process. When Looking at the photo, it is predicted that the stone diameter is 5 meters. Unusually large size.

Although it is very unusual sightings weird, but it was a similar phenomenon has also been seen in Limon State Park and Yellowwood State Park in Indiana, USA. At both locations, the hunters had seen a large boulder hovering above the trees.


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