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Mystery of Mexico zone of silence

Mystery of Mexico zone of silence

though this is old news, but I'll try to
explain There are many places in this world that we still can not fully understand. The scientists say that the mysteries of nature are formed in all corners of the Earth from a lifeless desert in Chile to the Pacific ocean unfounded. Maybe one of them is a small area in the Chihuahuan desert in Mexico to the east, at a place known as silence zone.

When we drove up to about 400 miles west of El Paso, we will enter a neglected part of the desert. Here, life is very challenging, swinging between life and death. The closest village where people lived in that place called Ceballos, is approximately 25 miles from the zone of silence.

This region previously isolated from the outside world, no hotels, no beach or pool, also there is no life, except for desert insects, reptiles and small mammals are able to withstand the fierce desert weather.However, in 1970, an American missile fired from White Sands Military Base in New Mexico without the deliberately crashed in the area. The missile was carrying two small tubes containing cobalt 57, a dangerous radioactive element. So the United States military forces with Mexico government approval soon to the area to find the location of the missiles fall. Arriving at that place, they found something unexpected. 

No one signal captured. Radio signals, television signals, microwave signals, and satellite signals, it is unacceptable in that region. Compass needles are usually used as the benchmark moves like mad. The researchers immediately to the area. 

Government of Mexico and then immediately set up a research complex in the zone. The main objective of research was to study the cause of this strange phenomenon, and also examines the lives of animals in that place.

Researchers who work continuously in the region then finds other strange characteristics. Magnetic field is found in high levels in the zone of silence. Apparently, later revealed that this place is the location of the fall of meteor showers knows how many years ago. The scientists sought to determine whether it is causing a meteor shower of minerals in the soil contains a magnetic field. 

While researchers work to find the scientific side of the cause of this strange character, the UFOLOG immediately lodged a remarkable theory. Silence zones are located in the northern constellation Cancer and has the same latitude with the Bermuda triangle, which is south latitude to the 30th parallel, a fact which is considered as a mere coincidence by other scientists. Interestingly bermuda triangle with the pyramids of Egypt and the holy city in Tibet is also known to have the same characteristics as silence zone. 

The theory of the UFOLOG received confirmation from the local population. They often report seeing mysterious phenomena appear in the zone of silence. Mysterious lights, strange dots of light flying, burning bush itself, and even encounters with flying saucers and aliens.

A farmer near the area reported that one night, the sky above the zone of silence once adorned by the bright lights of the mysterious. One other resident reported even once saw a strange aircraft that landed vertically in place that causes burning bush.

One other family of ranchers who say they regularly visited by three mysterious men, two men and one woman. All three blond, slinky silver and speaks Spanish fluently. Mysterious third person just asked for water to drink, never ask for food or other goods. When asked where they came from, they simply replied "From above". 

Strange encounter with three people this has also been reported by a researcher who lost in the zone of silence. While I was confused, he met three men who immediately showed him the way home.How factors silence the truth in the story of Mexico zone, no one ever knows for sure. Is the human imagination helped decorate the stories above, also no one knows for sure. But at least a strange natural phenomenon actually occurs in the silence zone and no one denies this.

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