Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bears lose their feathers

Veterinarians in Germany were puzzled by what happened to some of the bears at a zoo in Leipzig. Whether exposed to any disease, the bears are losing their hair for granted

If you're running in Leipzig zoo and see the bears, you might think are witnessing a Chupacabra or other mysterious monster. But the real animals with strange shapes are a bear to lose their hair due to illnesses that have not been identified by veterinarians. Surprisingly, this strange disease attacked only female polar bears.


It is Dolores, one of the poor bear the loss of fur.

The bears are coming from South America and normally have dark brown hair that should grow in rains this month as it enters the winter.

And your heart may be more sad if you see the way they were before the disease

Friday, June 8, 2012

mystery book for suicide

In Japan it has been known since ancient way of life ending with his own intentions and actions are known as Harakiri. Even the act of suicide is often carried the knights of ancient Japan. But what happens now in this super-powerful state?

Wataru Tsurumi, author of The Complete Guide to Suicide in Japan re-emerged to the public. He said the Japanese government began to deal with problems that do not always get attention.

Editor of the magazine had horrendous Japan while launching his book 1993. "I dismantle taboos in Japanese society," said 42-year-old man.In his book, Tsurumi writes ways to commit suicide. Starting from using drugs, cutting the veins, to use carbon monoxide gas.

Japan is a country with the highest suicide rates in the world along with Russia and Hungary. More than 30,000 people commit suicide for eight consecutive years.

According to Tsurumi, suicide is wrong because it shows individual freedom. Moreover, Japan has long been known to keep the honor of suicide known as hara-kiri.

In the face of high rates of suicide, Tsurumi has a different perspective. "People are always asking why they commit suicide? there will be no answer to this. Now why do not we ask why we should not kill ourselves? Why should we live?, "He said.

According to Tsurumi, suicide caused more boring life. Jobs and facing the same problem every day. "The biggest challenge in life is to live each day without feeling empty," he said, smiling sardonically.

"The people of this country have always thought should go into the negative if the lower social classes or considered not bekerka hard."

Although supporting suicide, Tsurumi groups oppose suicide is rampant in Japan. A group of people who met on the internet to make an appointment to commit suicide together. "You have to make their own decisions for your life," he said.

Therefore, when there is a request advice, Tsurumi just a short answer. "Think for yourself," he said.Long-haired man was confirmed, in fact he wants his readers to stay alive. Because he wants the reader to make his book as a last resort for people whose lives are depressed.

As written in the front page of his book. "My friend was unemployed, but always with a happy life. Nevertheless, he always brings a deadly drug capsules, named Angel Dust. He said he would take a substance that is not strong with the pressures of life. "

This book is definitely not recommended for general reading. May also not available in Indonesia. This book can really teach people to take a shortcut to end life.

Insular outlook on life. Is not there an eternal life after our physical death? So a shortcut to end her life by committing suicide in it will bring people into endless mistery.