Friday, February 24, 2012

UFO Chinese scientists confirmed the solar eclipse

At the total solar eclipse which occurred on July 22, 2009, a student at the Chinese managed to record an unidentified flying object. Now, the tape was received confirmation from the Chinese scientists who also recorded the same object.

UFO again had the passion of the world after Chinese scientists released footage that appears strange flying objects during a total solar eclipse on July 22, 2009. Scientists at the Purple Mountain Observatory, Nanjing managed to record the UFO for 40 minutes. They also said it would spend the next 12 months to study the footage before the conclusion.

Director of the Observatory, Ji Hai Sheng told that scientists would not speculate on the identity of the object that was caught on camera before further study.

He added: "Purple Mountain Observatory and the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that during a total solar eclipse on July 22, the scientists found an unidentified object near the sun. Its identity was further studied."

"Currently, all human resources are you organized to study this data. Scientific results may be obtained most quickly in one year."

The incident follows a series of UFO sightings in China peak is at a solar eclipse July 22, 2009. The object was also recorded by a student in Deqing. The tape is also widely shown on Chinese television showed the existence of an object changing shape after initially appears as a blue ellipse object.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

the mystery of ice circles

One day, when you're walking by the river and then saw a strange circle on the surface of the river, do not rush to conclude that the UFO had just landed in the river. Maybe what you see is the Ice Circle newly formed.

Ice Circle or circle of ice is a phenomenon that appears in the water that has a slow flow in a cold climate. Resembles a giant dish which consists of ice and rotated slowly on the water surface. This mystery is in fact already been alluded to in the 19th century. An illustration of the Ice Circle magazine ever published in Scientific American in 1895. London News also reported this phenomenon that occurred in Toronto in 1930.


Generally, this phenomenon appears in Scandinavia and North America, but never one time seen in the UK in January 2009.


Ice Circle generally appear on the bend of the river where the accelerating water flow creates a force called 'rotational shear', which then broke the ice shelf and play it. In line with the rotation of the disc, he was grinding the ice around it so it becomes smooth and form a perfect circle. This phenomenon has been identified despite the cause, but it remains a rare occurrence.

Here are a few examples of the beautiful ice circle:

Rivers in Michigan, USA.

River Otten in Devon, England. Diameter of 3 meters

Frozen river in Russia

Sheridan River at Rattray Marsh Conservation Area in Canada. diameter of about 1.6 meters

A river in Sweden

Waldo, the United States.

Amasa, Michigan.

Connecticut, United States.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

X-shaped objects captured space telescope Hubble

Some people thought that the object was a spaceship like the one in the movie star trek, star wars or babylon 5. Some others say it is a ninja star thrown out of the sky. Others believe that this object is a sign of the end-time fulfillment. While some scientists believe that the object was a comet, although they also can not tell. The Hubble Space Telescope captured the giant X-shaped tail object is moving at high speed

The mysterious object moving at a distance of about 90 million miles from Earth. Although they believe that the object might be derived from the collision of two asteoroid, scientists could not confirm the source of certain objects.

"I've seen thousands of photos astronomical objects throughout my career, but this one really makes surprise: A pattern X to fly with a tail that follows it," said Ray Villard, a contributor to the Discovery Channel. "Whatever the identity of these objects, we never see the object in the sky before." 

Other celestial objects experts also participated in awe."We're still trying to solve its identity." Scientists said the planetarium of the University of Arizona, Jim Scotti, told National Geographic. 
NASA, in an official statement said:

"NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has discovered a mysterious X-shaped object with a tail of dust that followed. This indicates to us that the object was probably formed from the collision of two asteroids. Astronomers have long suspected that the asteroid belt could indeed fall due to collision, but the effect of collisions like in the picture, never seen before. " 

Sightings of this mysterious object has attracted the attention of end-time prophets who believe that this object is one sign of the coming of an apocalyptic future that has been alleged by many people.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Chemtrail Conspiracy - The traces of smoke are visible in the sky?

Maybe one day you're walking on the edge of the field and feel like to see a beautiful afternoon clouds. You look up and see a long trail of smoke in the sky. Then you ask yourself: surprised, I did not hear the planes. 

Dear readers, this is a conspiracy theory to another. CHEMTRAILS people call it Conspiracy. I will tell her story. Hopefully you guys want to hear. 

Since 1996, chemtrail conspiracy began to hit the internet and radio shows right wing in America. At that time the police flooded with calls from people who say they saw a mysterious trail of smoke in the sky. But unfortunately, these reports just disappear behind the drawer bureaucracy.Maybe the authorities are not able to explain it. Or rather, they're hiding something? 

You know, a question left unanswered should not be granted. So after 10 years, chemtrail conspiracy is still a place in the minds of people who "smelled something" is wrong. 

Oh yes, I forgot to explain, CHEMTRAILS is short for "chemical Trail" or "chemical trail". This title is different from other similar terms, ie contrails or "CONDENSATION trail". 

According to Jeff Rense, a conspiracy theorist, narrower trail contrail and quickly disappeared from the sky. But CHEMTRAILS different.CHEMTRAILS at first looks like a contrail, but moments later the smoke trail will be widened and remain visible in the sky for several hours. 

According to some people who have similar thoughts with Jeff, it is a chemical trail that had been sprayed by the U.S. government to control the population. In other words, is to reduce the number of people in secret. Another theory states that the trail is an experimental weather control. 

But the most remarkable is the theory which says that the trail was a government project that spraying the sky with an electrically conductive material as part of the electromagnetic super weapon that is also related to HAARP. So superpower!

Although the traces are clearly visible, the scientists refused to mention that the traces of its existence and it is just a contrail coming from the remains of the aircraft exhaust. According to scientists, too, the resident of view. 

Well, in 2005, there is a bright spot. An article in The Las Vegas Tribune says that a scientist who worked for Wright Patterson Air Force base in Ohio said that the Air Force was conducting experiments using aluminum oxide which is intended to reduce the effects of global warming. 

Is this what causes the chemtrail visible in the sky? I do not know, after all, I am confused. Actually, what the military affairs with global warming? 

However, the conspiracy theorists are people who have tremendous persistence to find the truth. Until one day, the U.S. government began to grip.

So one day the EPA, NASA, NOAA and the FAA (Obviously these are all U.S. government agencies dealing with science and space) get together and make a small book. The goal is to provide adequate information about the character of contrail to people paranoid and "misinformed" that spread across America. According to them, there is nothing new under the sun. There is only water vapor and ice crystals that make up the traces of smoke in the sky. 

"Conspiracy nonsense," said Kenneth Sassen sarcastically. Atmospheric scientists who are experts said that traces of smoke is visible is "perfectly natural". 

What is the "conspiracy nonsense" or "perfectly natural", the chemtrail conspiracy must have been ordained by some media as one of the world's greatest conspiracy theories.

Nicolas Cage is a vampire?

Shocking news came from Hollywood. Mentioned that there was an antique dealer who sells a very similar picture with Nicolas Cage. The photo was taken when the American Civil War took place sometime in the 1870s.

Nicolas Cage is a vampire?

As a result the photo was auctioned starting at 1 million dollars. According to the salesman, which he had obtained photographs of a man who lives in Bristol, Tennessee.

As a result of photo-like image is Nicolas, rumors that Nicolas Cage is a vampire. How could a normal human life since the 1870's until now 2012? Is it true that Nicolas Cage including Eternal beings?

It was a scandalous rumor. Because the seller photographs, convinced that the actor's Ghost Rider movie player is a member of the undead.


Apparently the rumors are NOT TRUE. Nicolas Cage has denied it at the Talk Show David Letterman on The Late Show last night.

David showed a very similar picture with him, but Nicolas Cage casually replied:

     "Now look, I do not drink blood, and last I looked in the mirror, my reflection in the mirror, so I will not be included in the theory of this vampire."

The 48-year-old actor also said that was between him and the picture was very similar.

Nicolas Cage
But although Cage has denied emphatically that it is not him, one of his fans, Marcela pad ReRiberio YouTube commented that Nicolas Cage is a modern vampire, so that the mirror is no longer an issue for a vampire like Nicolas Cage.

     "He is a modern vampire, mirrors are not a problem for vampires like Nicolas," says Marcela.

Nicolas Cage's statement that the firm when he was denied because there are rumors that a fatal error, because Cage can be captured on camera.

     "Unless there is me, but you can not take my picture," Cage said, smiling.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Celtic mummies of the Taklamakan desert

In 1978, the Taklamakan desert in the desert region of Xinjiang, China, found five mummies are preserved very well. The strange thing is that mummy Celtic nationality of Europe thousands of miles away from the Taklamakan.These mummies are known as "Cherchen Man and Family ". Total mummies found there were five. One man, three women and a baby. According to the researchers, these mummies are ancient Caledonia tribe in central Scotland and was buried in that place for 3,000 years. 

Location of the discovery of the mummy is precisely the Taklamakan desert in Xinjiang region, southwest China. Ironically, the meaning of "Taklamakan" means "you are going and not going out". This area was once a part of the silk road trade route traveled by the foreign nations who come to China. So in fact not be too surprised if this celtic mummies found in the region. 

Mummy man has a brownish red hair, high cheekbones, sharp nose and beard. And buried six feet tall with a red tunic. DNA also proves that he is a Celtic.

Woman who was buried with the mummy had thick brown hair still looks shiny even after buried for 3,000 years. Was found beside a wooden comb that are familiar to students of ancient Celtic civilization

Mummified infant wrapped in the grave with beautiful brown cloth decorated with red and blue and a blue stone placed in his eyes. Besides the baby found a milk bottle made of sheepskin. 

Remarkable of these mummies, their bodies are much better preserved than Egyptian mummies.Victor Mair, an expert on ancient corpses and co-author of the book "Mummies of the Tarim Basin" says: "Modern and Ancient DNA suggests that ethnic Uighurs, Kazaks, Kyrgyz and Central Asian populations are a mixture of Caucasian and East Asia. " 

So most likely they are traders who then lived in the area and gave birth to the tribes in the region.Actually this story is not so mysterious. But is not it interesting, in a quiet Taklamakan desert, 3,000 years ago, a time when European culture is still considered barbaric and backward, a bunch of strangers living life in peace in foreign lands as well. Who are they? How do they live? Culture and knowledge of how they go forward? How they got to the Taklamakan? Are they a family? 

Corpse beside her with a comb and a dead baby with a bottle beside him. Is not moving?


Friday, February 17, 2012

easter island mystery

Polynesian languages: Rapa Nui, Spanish: Isla de Pascua) is an island belonging to Chile is located in the southern Pacific Ocean. Although the distance is 3515 miles west of mainland Chile, administratively it belongs in the province of Valparaiso. Easter Island is shaped like a triangle.

 The nearest inhabited land is Pitcairn Island a distance of 2075 km. Easter Island wide by 163.6 km ². According to 2002 census, the population amounted to 3791 souls majority settled in the capital of Hanga Roa. The island is famous for its many statues (moai), 400-year-old statue carved from stone that now lies along the coastline. 

Dutch navigator Jakob Roggeveen discovered the island on Easter Sunday in 1722. Note that the name "Rapa Nui" is not the original name of Easter Island Rapanui given by the tribe. The name was coined by labor immigrants from Rapa in the tribal Bass Islands, who liken it to his hometown.

Rapanui tribal name given to the island is Te Pito o te henua ("Puser World") because of its isolation, but is also taken from another location, possibly from a building in the Marquesas.Large statues of stone, or moai, which became a symbol of Easter Island were carved during the earlier than expected. Archeologists now estimate that took place between 1600 and 1730, the last statue was carved when Jakob Roggeveen discovered the island. There are more than 600 large monolithic stone statues (moai). Although the part that is often seen are the "head", the statues actually have a full torso; but many of the statues that had been buried up to his neck. 

Most were carved out of rock at Rano Raraku. Mine there seems to have been abandoned abruptly, with half-finished statues left in the stone. The theory is that the statues were carved by the Polynesian inhabitants (Rapanui) at the time the island was largely planted with trees and resources were plentiful, supporting a population of 10,000-15,000 native Rapanui.  

The majority of moai still standing when Roggeveen arrived in 1722. Captain James Cook also saw many standing statues when he landed on the island in 1774. Until the 19th century, the entire statue was felled by internecine warfare.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Delhi iron pillar - Not damaged after 1,600 years

Standing in the mosque complex pages Quwwatul, India, Delhi iron pillar which is made in the 4th century was one of the most mysterious monuments in India. More than 1,600 years after its establishment, an iron pillar is not damaged by time.The pillar is often regarded as evidence of the rapid advancement of technology in ancient India. At present, with all the technology we have, it is said that only four companies capable of welding ferrous iron pillar of Delhi's character pillars..

This pillar has a height of 7.21 meters. Of 7.21 meters, 93 cm embedded in the ground. 41 cm in diameter and 29 cm at the foot of the peak. It weighs an estimated 6.5 tons. Work on pillars so perfectly so that the top of the pillar is often mistaken for bronze. 

98 percent of the pillar is made from superior quality raw iron. In contrast to other iron artifacts are usually made using a mold, these pillars are made with forged using a hammer. This is evident from forging marks on its surface. 

According to the evidence found, the pillars were at first not located at its present location, but has been moved from elsewhere. This is also supported by evidence of the absence of other relics of the 4th century which can be found in the vicinity. According to local belief, the pillars were brought to Delhi by Anangpal, Tomar king who contributed in building the city of Delhi in 1020 ADOn the surface of the pillar, we can find the inscription which states that the pillar was originally located in an area called Vishnupadagiri, which means "hill with footprint Lord Vishnu".

This region was later identified as the Udayagiri, a town located 50 km east of Bhopal in central India. 

These pillars are not too attracted the attention of scientists until the mid-19th century when the western world to hear. The first report on the pillars of this comes from a British soldier named Captain Archer. He said that there was a pillar with strange inscriptions on its surface that can not be interpreted by anyone. 

Then, the inscription is attracting the attention of James Prinsep, a British archaeologist who later managed to solve it means in 1838 and publish the translation in the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 

The inscription is called the pillar was made in honor of the god Vishnu. In addition, this inscription also wrote a tribute to a ruler named Chandra who conquered and Vahlika Vangas. Historians believe that Chandra mentioned Chandragupta II Vikramaditya here is (375-414 AD) derived from the Gupta dynasty. 

So, be aware that this pillar is actually a monument to commemorate the greatness of the god Vishnu and king Chandragupta. However, other than as a monument to honor, some researchers believe that this pillar also serves as a tool of ancient astronomy. 

 Vishnupadagiri, the initial location of this pillar, located in the constellation Cancer and is also a center of astronomical research in the Gupta period. This iron pillar may have functioned as a sundial when he was there. 
Then, how pillars can stand against the weather blows, even after 1600 years have passed?Some sources of iron pillar if the pillars are saying this is not rust, however, this remains true pillar rust, rust is not only to ruin it. It's quite remarkable for an iron that more than 1,600 years old. 

Several theories have been proposed to explain this phenomenon. These theories can be divided into two major parts, namely theory and the theory of the material environment. 

Environment theory based his argument on the location of the pillars, namely Delhi. 
Delhi's climate is very dry. Iron will only experience a severe rust if moisture exceeds a critical value of 80%. 
In Delhi, humidity exceeds a critical value of 80% only occur about 20 days a year. So even on rainfall ranges from 15-30 inches, the atmosphere in delhi does not support the occurrence of rust on iron. 

But, if this theory is correct, why the other irons in Delhi suffered damage due to rust? 
Therefore, the second theory, the theory of matter, trying to give an explanation. According to these theorists, the unique characteristics of this iron pillar emerging from the base material itself. 

In addition to a fairly pure iron levels, the researchers found that these pillars have high levels of phosphorus and low sulfur. This extraordinary combination resulted in a relatively resistant stainless steel. 

Then, some other researchers theorized that the large mass of iron which may have functioned as a counterweight to reduce the temperature of condensation of moisture. So, when the weather became cooler Delhi in the evening, the pillar remains warm. 

Then, a surprising discovery was reported from India metallurgical expert. 
In 2002, a team of metallurgical experts from Kanpur headed by Balasubramaniam Dr.R found a thin layer consisting of a mixture of iron, oxygen and hydrogen at pillars. 

This thin layer takes three years after the making of the pillars to really take shape. After 1,600 years, it only grew thicker layer of 1/20 millimeter. With a unique way, this layer has helped pillar is more free from the ravages of rust. 

If we assume that all of the above theory is true, then we can conclude by saying that, in addition to the temperature of the dry Delhi, this pillar is more resistant to rust because of:

    Purity iron
Phosphorus levels are high
Sulfur levels are low
A large mass of iron pillar
Thin layer surrounding the iron 

Then the next question is, how the ancient Indian blacksmith can create an outstanding combination of these? 
How they can make a thin layer of a mixture of iron, oxygen and hydrogen are formed after three years manufacture of iron? 

Do they have a technology unknown to modern man? 
This question can not be answered by researchers. 
However, for the skeptics, this question is very easy to answer. According to them, the ability of the iron pillar of Delhi is just a coincidence. In other words, they say that in some way, 5 above conditions have been met and the pillar was not rust.

They argue, if the technology was ancient Indian smiths so advanced, why only the Delhi iron pillar rust eaten that is not broken? 
Why not find many more columns or iron artifacts that are not damaged other rust eaten?

Mystery or not, Delhi iron pillar has attracted experts from around the world metallurgy. These artifacts are considered as the greatest achievement in the art of forging iron. 

In 1997, a fence installed around the pillar because of the frequent visitors to the destruction of the artifact. This is also because of the tradition that anyone who can stand back to the pillar behind her put his hands up to the meeting will have good luck. 

Now, these pillars are still standing in the courtyard complex Quwwatul and is regarded as one of the most puzzling artifacts in India.